Originally, a manufacturer of high precision dial indicators and other associated instruments such as cylinder bore gauges. Baty soon diversified into non-contact measurement with Optical Profile Projectors. The Baty ‘Shadograph’ range has since become an industry standard in profile projectors. These products are still manufactured in Sussex, England in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

Now part of Bowers Group, Baty offers a range of precision measuring instruments from Hand Tools to Vision Systems, offering solutions for almost every measurement application in modern manufacturing.

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  • Baty Vision Systems - VuMaster 2D Manual / 2D CNC
    VuMaster is a manual 2D vision system with a massive difference. Due to its innovative absolute 2D scale system, the newly designed VuMaster does not have a conventional moving stage or encoders - just a floating measuring camera that moves anywhere in the measuring range. The result is fast, accurate, ‘non contact’ measurement over a much larger measuring range - 400mm x 300mm to be exact! Because the camera moves and the part stays still, there is often no need for expensive and time consuming work holding devices. VuMaster is either operated manually or inspection routines can be recorded and stored. When played back, these ‘programs’ guide the operator through a pre-defined inspection procedure recreating the same lighting conditions and using ‘Video Edge Detection’ to automatically ’capture’ feature data. Finally, a report is generated in the form of a fully dimensioned drawing of the measured part.
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  • Baty Vision Systems - Venture Touch
    The highly successful Venture range includes both manual and full CNC systems that cover two standard measuring ranges: The VI-2510 has a 250mm x 125mm x 165mm X,Y,Z measuring capacity and the VI-3030 has 300mm x 300mm x 165mm. Venture Touch 3D This advanced Vision system combines a manually operated X-Y measuring stage with a motorised Z axis. The advantage of this is that the servo motor driven Z axis can provide the all-important autofocus function for Z axis measurement without operator influence. Suitable for the shop floor, the rugged design features a steel / granite stand with fully integrated PC controller running Baty’s all new 3 axis touch screen software - Fusion Touch. The full HD touch screen is mounted on an adjustable arm and the software is arranged in a portrait layout for ease of use. Fusion Touch software features full geometric functionality so circles, lines arcs and points can be measured using dedicated tools. Data points are automatically taken along the edge of the feature using video edge detection, then all measurements are automatically saved, should the inspection need to be replayed for a batch of parts. All measured features appear in the part view where they can be selected for dimensioning resulting in a dimensioned part view that can be printed or exported to CAD Tolerances are set for each dimension so that the final inspection reports can classify each dimension as a pass or fail. Inspection playback During this process the operator is guided through the inspection routine via the graphical part view. Once the stage has been positioned so that the feature appears in the camera’s view, the Video edge detection tools take over and measure the feature automatically. If features are on different planes, the Z axis drives under CNC control to the correct position as defined by the original inspection. All lighting and magnification conditions are also recorded and re-created as each feature is visited. The end result is a highly repeatable process with no operator influence. Lighting The programmable LED lighting is also controlled using the touch screen. Segmented surface illumination, through the lens and profile lighting conditions can be adjusted to ensure that the feature edge is perfectly illuminated.
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  • Baty Vision Systems - Venture 3D CNC
    Venture CNC models take the power of fusion software one stage further by completely automating the inspection process. Now advanced features like scanning and best fitting can be done quickly without taking up the time of skilled operators. CNC programming is a simple teach and repeat process. Just measure the part once and a full CNC program is created automatically. The zoom lens can also be controlled so that magnification changes are all recorded into the program. Large Measurement Volume The use of a touch probe is optimised on a CNC system. Measurements from data points taken using the touch probe can be combined with those taken using video edge detection for optimum speed and reduced inspection times. A probe changer rack can be installed so that probe modules fitted with a variety of pre-calibrated styli can also be used in the same inspection. When a change of stylus is required, the system automatically puts the current probe module back in the rack and picks up the next to continue the inspection process. When programming using the touch probe, use only the minimum points required to define each element. Then simply edit in the optimum number of points for each element. The new probe path is then automatically created when the program is played, cutting down both programming and inspection time.
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  • Baty Vision Systems - Venture Plus
    The Venture Plus range includes all of the standard Venture features with a little more... measuring range, that is.
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  • Baty Vision Systems - ShadoMaster
    The ShadoMaster is a horizontal camera based video inspection system that is particularly aimed at turned part measurement. The cast iron stage has tooling slots aligned with the optical path to facilitate the mounting of work holding fixtures such as vee-blocks and centres. A selection of video edge scanning tools scan the profile of the shaft and Baty’s Fusion software converts this scanned data into a dimensioned drawing of the measured part. Interchangeable fixed objective lenses are used to determine the field of view and pixel size which can be sub-micron for close tolerance requirements. The VI-3015H can measure shafts up to 300mm in length with a maximum diameter of 150mm providing the overall weight does not exceed 25KG. The PC based controller runs on a Windows 7 operating system and is completely integrated within the chassis so the installation is both quick and easy with no trailing cables. The system is also supplied with LED surface illumination which is ideal for illuminating the various facets of form cutting tools for example. The LED lighting consists of 16 high intensity white LEDS which can be switched on in clusters to form a segment which can be radially positioned by using the mouse. This means that the light can be positioned exactly where it needs to be in order for the edge detection tools to measure the edges that you are interested in. Once programmed, the lighting conditions are reproduced by the software for every inspection to ensure optimum repeatability.
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  • Baty R14 - Profile Projector
    The Baty R14 bench mount profile projector with its 340mm screen combines high accuracy non-contact measurement and inspection with a large 175mm x 100mm measuring range. Choice of digital readouts and optional automatic profile edge detection. The horizontal light path configuration is ideally suited to machined parts that can be secured to the workstage using a range of optional accessories from the Baty fixture family. The compact and robust lightweight chassis makes the R14 ideal for workshop environments.
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  • Baty R400
    The Baty R400 bench mount profile projector with its 400mm screen combines high accuracy non-contact measurement and inspection with a large 300mm x 150mm measuring range. Choice of digital readouts and automatic profile edge detection. The horizontal light path configuration is ideal for checking machined components that can be secured to the workstage using a range of optional accessories from the Baty fixture family. The robust design of the R400 makes it suitable for both the shop floor and standards room.
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  • Baty R600 - Profile Projector
    The Baty R600 with its 600mm (24") screen and high specification, presents the capability to make simple comparative non-contact measurement through to complex CNC programmed measuring sequences with SPC capability. The horizontal light beam configuration is ideally suited to large machined or turned workpieces for mounting in vee blocks and centres, or customised features.
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  • Baty SM300 - Profile Projector
    300mm screen vertical light path projector with multi-function readout unit and printer. Robust design with full geometric measuring functionality ideal for the shop floor.
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  • Baty SM350 - Profile Projector
    The SM350 is an all new design. This vertical 14" / 350mm screen bench projector features an option where the focus axis can also be used as a 3rd measurement axis. This enables Z axis height measurements to be taken using a touch trigger probe. Another new feature is the option of a three lens turret for instant lens changes without re-calibration.
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  • Baty SM20 - Profile Projector
    The Baty Shadomaster SM20 with its 500mm screen and high specification presents the capability to make simple comparative measurements through to complex results storage and tolerancing with SPC capability. The vertical light beam configuration is ideally suited for workpieces which are more readily mounted flat or horizontally.
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  • Fusion Software
    Fusion metrology software has been the foundation for Baty's camera based inspection systems for the last decade. The combination of ease of use, advanced edge detection and graphical reporting has established this remarkable software as the standard by which other vision packages are measured.
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  • Digital Readouts
    XLS: A simple two axis digital readout for point to point X,Y or R,A measurements. Absolute or incremental mode with Inch / metric conversion, Zero, preset and print functions. RS232C serial and parallel ports. Footswitch compatible. GXL: As XLS with geometric functions for skew alignment, angle, radius, point, line, circle. Automatic feature list and graphical view. Macro programming facility guides the operator through the measurement process. Feature tolerancing and standard report printout. Footswitch compatible. GXL-E: As GXL with profile edge sensor to take data points automatically. Eliminates operator error and speeds up inspection times. FT-2: Complete TOUCH SCREEN DRO with 2D Fusion touch software for projectors with full geometric functionality. Graphical view of measured part can be printed as a fully dimensioned drawing with geometric tolerances. Other graphics include form error and SPC charts. Full reporting capability includes tabulated details with pass / fail analysis, auto link to Excel and auto sequence programming feature. SPC and best fitting to dxf (overlay). Windows O/S and built in 19" portrait touch screen monitor in a rugged all steel housing. FT2-E: Complete TOUCH SCREEN DRO with 2D Fusion touch sw. Full geometric functionality. Built in optical edge detection allows data points to be taken ‘on the fly’ as the projected image is passed under the screen mounted fibre optic sensor. View of measured part can be printed as a fully dimensioned drawing. Full reporting capability includes, SPC, tabulated details with pass / fail analysis, auto link to Excel and auto sequence programming feature. Windows O/S and built in 19" portrait touch screen monitor in a rugged all steel housing. FUSION2-E CNC: Fusion software with full CNC control for automatic part inspection. Auto program from CAD. Manual joystick control, multiple part reports and SPC.
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  • Venture Options
    CAD 3D CAD models (STEP or IGES) can be imported and are shown in a floating window. After alignment to the CAD model, points are taken anywhere on the part surface and displayed on the CAD model. The points appear colour coded so as to indicate their distance from the nominal surface. Rotary Axis A CNC rotary axis is used to rotate the part to a pre-determined angle for the next set of measurements to be taken. Rotations are automatically recorded into the inspection program. 6 jaw keyless chuck to suit O/D range of 2-44mm can be mounted horizontally (as shown) or vertically. SA-196 Cast vee blocks and extended centres for the 2510 Venture model UFB3030 Universal fixture base provides fixture mounting slots compatible with all projector accessories. Venture Stand Rigid steel stand with granite top and integral PC / controller shelf for Venture 2510 and 3030 models Glass Reference Standard Calibration standard with nominal diameters for field of view measurement verification and pixel calibration.
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  • Baty Overlay Charts
    Baty screen charts, thread form diagrams and scales are specially manufactured on stable plastic. They are translucent and must be used as an overlay on either a clear or translucent glass screen. Standard rulings include crossline, grid and concentric circles, whilst special charts can be supplied to your requirements. Replacement glass screens can also be supplied with either standard or special rulings on application. Ruling Type: Crossline • Chain crossline at 90º with 30º, 45º and 60º intermediate chain lines in two quadrants Grid • Grid squares in 2mm increments (metric) or 0.1" increments (imperial) with every 5th and 10th line in bold Concentric Circles • Concentric circles in 2mm or 0.1" incremental radii and 90º crosslines with 30º, 45º and 60º intermediate chain lines in two quadrants
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