12/20/2016 2:31 PM

Successful Non-Contact Metrology Open Day for Bowers Group

Non-Contact Metrology Open Day Success

October 2016 saw Bowers Group host 2 non-contact metrology open days at the Bowers Group Office in Camberley, Surrey. The day included a series of short presentations, face to face demonstrations on our range of vison based products; all with our product specialists, case studies on how existing customers have incorporated such products into their premises and how they have genuinely assisted the business.

Interest in Baty Camera Based Inspection Systems

Bowers Group Sales Director Stuart Millington said: “The non-contact open day was a great success for Bowers Group. Visitors showed a huge amount of interest in the features of the new Fusion Software, which is the foundation of Baty’s camera based inspection systems. The Baty Venture Plus Vision System was also a big hit, with visitors particularly impressed with its large measurement volume and accuracy.”

Fulfilling Complex Measurement Requirements

In addition to the positive response to the various products, Bowers Group was delighted to receive requests for a number of quotes, and further training for a range of precision measurement equipment. The Bowers technical team were able to assist with plenty of expert advice and support on the most effective ways to use the machines, enabling customers to fulfil their complex measurement requirements with ease.

The Advantages of Non-Contact Measurement

It is a common problem that some components are too sensitive to be measured by touch, as there is always the danger of altering them, or even scratching. Where even the most minuscule interaction could cause damage, measurement by vision is the only way forward. Having a range of measuring capability, so that items can be measured vertically or horizontally, depending on the customer need, allows the Bowers Group to cater for a variety of customer requirements.