Baty Overlay Charts

Baty Overlay Charts

Baty screen charts, thread form diagrams and scales are specially manufactured on stable plastic. They are translucent and must be used as an overlay on either a clear or translucent glass screen.

Standard rulings include crossline, grid and concentric circles, whilst special charts can be supplied to your requirements. Replacement glass screens can also be supplied with either standard or special rulings on application.

Ruling Type:

• Chain crossline at 90º with 30º, 45º and 60º intermediate chain lines in two quadrants

• Grid squares in 2mm increments (metric) or 0.1" increments (imperial) with every 5th and 10th line in bold

Concentric Circles
• Concentric circles in 2mm or 0.1" incremental radii and 90º crosslines with 30º, 45º and 60º intermediate chain lines in two quadrants


Code No. Description Size
RM-275-1 Concentric Circles - Metric 254mm (10")
SC-12-11 Concentric Circles - Metric 305mm (12")
SC-20-11 Concentric Circles - Metric 500mm (20")
RC-275-1 Concentric Circles - Imperial 254mm (10")
SC-12-10 Concentric Circles - Imperial 305mm (12")
SC-20-10 Concentric Circles - Imperial 500mm (20")
GM-275-1 Grid - Metric 254mm (10")
SC-12-8 Grid - Metric 305mm (12")
SC-20-8 Grid - Metric 500mm (20")
GC-275-1 Grid - Imperial 254mm (10")
SC-12-6 Grid - Imperial 305mm (12")
SC-20-6 Grid - Imperial 500mm (20")
SC-12-5 Crossline 305mm (12")
SC-20-5 Crossline 500mm (20")