2/17/2020 11:53 AM

New Sylvac D62S Digital Display Available in UK from Bowers Group

Bowers Group Launches New Sylvac D62S Digital Display in UK

Bowers Group is pleased to introduce the D62S digital display from Sylvac. As the sole agent for Sylvac products in the UK, Bowers Group is now able to offer customers this simple and intuitive display unit, specifically made for connecting 1 or 2 Sylvac inductive probes (P12D-M8) to carry out measurements.

D62S digital display Sylvac

New Compact Display Unit

Bowers Group UK Sales Director Martin Hawkins, said: “Sylvac’s new compact display unit combines innovative modern design with a large 4.3” touch screen display with a variety of intuitive functions. Probe detection is fully automatic, making it really user friendly and simple to use.”

Fully compatible with Sylvac P12D Absolute digital measuring probes, the Sylvac D62S digital display boasts 2 probe inputs with M8 industrial connectors. The advanced digital display version also incorporates lights to indicate global tolerances, and a built-in battery life autonomy of 8 hours. Also depending on the model is the data output option, which can include RS232, USB or Bluetooth® technology.

Quality Instruments and Superior Service

As a world leader in the field of advanced microelectronics, Sylvac and Bowers Group have enjoyed a strong relationship for many years. Bowers Group is able to offer its customers superior service along with quality instruments that are easy to use; therefore reducing production and development costs and improving efficiency on the shop-floor.