6/14/2021 12:17 PM

Sylvac Caliper Announced Best Digital Caliper of 2021

Sylvac BT Digital Caliper Awarded Best Digital Caliper Title with 2021 DML Test

Leading Digital Micrometer Specialists DML have named the Sylvac BT Digital Caliper as the winner of their Best Digital Caliper Test 2021. One of the UK’s leading specialists in handheld metrology, DML have over 30 years of experience in the industry supplying tools from manufacturers including Bowers Group, Moore & Wright and Sylvac.

Putting a selection of calipers through their paces from its workshop in Sheffield, DML used a set of calibrated gauge blocks to test the accuracy and repeatability of each digital caliper, as well as considering the merits of the instruments durability, price point, functions, feel, and aesthetics.

All-Round Capabilities

Highly commended for its all-round capabilities, Bluetooth connectivity, and IP67 rating (according to IEC 60529), as well as the eye-catching 50th-anniversary design and fantastic offer price of just £98.50, the Bowers-supplied Sylvac BT Digital Caliper secured the top spot scoring an impressive 49/60.

UK Sales Manager for Bowers Group, Ryan Kingswell, said: “Seeing the results of the Best Digital Caliper Test by DML really does pay testament to the level of excellence that we’re proud to offer under the Bowers Group name. Our partners, Sylvac, are known for the high quality that is well associated with Swiss-manufactured products, and we’re proud to be able to offer 2021’s best among our products.”

Ergonomic yet Durable

Also featured within the Best Digital Caliper list were two Moore & Wright offerings, the MW110-15DBL and MW110-15DFC, both celebrated for their high accuracy and affordable price points.The Sylvac BT Digital Caliper is available in a limited edition 50 years of Sylvac celebrative design. Coolant and waterproof, with an extra-large display, integrated Bluetooth, and automatic wake up and sleep mode, it offers great comfort with its ergonomic yet durable frame. The caliper will connect to all IOT devices and can easily be demonstrated using a smartphone and the Sylvac Anywhere App.

Fantastic Deal

The Sylvac BT Digital Caliper is available now with an impressive 50% off, don't miss out on this great offer, contact our sales team today by calling 01276 469 866 or emailing