Bowers Carbon Fibre Comparator Beam Gauge

Carbon Fibre Beam Gauge

Designed to measure both internal and external diameters and lengths, the high modulus carbon fibre beam is stiff, lightweight and has an extremely low co-efficient of thermal expansion (CTE). Suitable for measuring high accuracy diameters and lengths up to 4000mm+.

• Extremely lightweight even at 4m span
• Extremely low co-efficient of thermal expansion
• Measuring capacity of standard set:
External: 0 > 1930mm
Internal: 150 > 2150mm
• Modular design of beam allows infinate level of adjustment within the above ranges
• Additional 1000mm extensions add quickly and cost effectively to the gauge capacity
• Internal and external measurement: 0 > 105 (150)mm measurement depth from component face
• 12mm anvil travel
• Digital or mechanical readout
• Tooling included for presetting gauge on Trimos horizontal machines
• Bluetooth option available

Sets include:
• Pair gauge legs
• Fixed leg tube
• Moving leg tube
• 250mm Carbon Fibre Extension Tube
• 500mm Carbon Fibre Extension Tube
• 1000mm Carbon Fibre Extension Tube
• Tooling to suit Trimos setting machine and storage/travel case

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CFBG01 Bowers Carbon Fibre Comparator Beam Gauge POA