Custom Gauging

Custom Gauging

As the world’s leading bore gauge manufacturer, Bowers Group has also earned a reputation for manufacturing custom heads for non-standard applications.

Examples of our custom gauging solutions are as follows:

Slot Width
• Small slot widths from 2-6mm
• Large Slot width from 6-100mm

Blind Bores
• Standard between 2-6mm and 12.5-300mm. Between 6-12.5mm on request.

Gun Barrel Head
• For the measurement of smooth bore and rifled bore gun barrels. Major and minor diameters measured deep into bores.

Seat Pockets
• Internal measurement of surface/subsea valve cavity-seat pockets for the oil and gas industry
• A one-piece right-angle adaptor to allow entry down a perpendicular bore, allowing measurement to take place at 90 degrees to entry of the bore.
• Optimised anvil form and guide pieces aid entry and position the measuring head correctly for higher accuracy measurements and ease of use for operator.

Dovetail Slots & Turbine Blade Grooves
• 2 Point head solution based on the popular Bowers XT system.
• The system incorporates tungsten carbide ball contacts for high accuracy.
• The Bowers XT digital readout offers the capability to send data for SPC and part traceability.

Soft Drink Can
• Internal measurement of a soft drink can
• 3 Point XT Anvil head based on 35-50mm body size, used with XT Holematic Xtreme pistol grip. High accuracy measurement of groove that’s inaccessible to a typical caliper
• 3 Point XT Anvil head used with XT Holematic Xtreme pistol grip. Measurement of internal diameter with 360 degree wrap-around anvils prevents/limits distortion of the thin walled can

Right Angled Adaptor
• Right angled adaptor for custom bore measurement

Irregular Spacing
• Available between 16-300mm diameter to measure between odd spaced lobes.

SBM-Slot-Lg Special Bore Measurement - Slot Width (Large) POA
SBM-Slot-Sm Special Bore Measurement - Slot Width (Small) POA
SBM-Blind-Bore Special Bore Measurement - Blind Bore POA
SBM-Barrel Special Bore Measurement - Gun Barrel Head POA
SBM-Valve Internal Measurement of Surface/Subsea Valve Cavity-Seat Pockets POA
SBM-Dovetail Measurement of Dovetail Slots & Turbine Blade Grooves POA
SBM-Can Internal Measurement of Soft Drink Can POA
SBM-Right-Angle Special Bore Measurement - Right Angled Adaptor POA
SBM-Spacing Special Bore Measurement - Irregular Spacing POA