XT Spherical Head

XT Spherical Head

Our range of standard XT application heads includes the perfect answer for measuring a spherical radius. As the world’s leading bore gauge manufacturer, our innovative spherical measuring solutions include anvils that fit directly onto our XT range of internal micrometers to create a flexible, modular measuring system.

Spherical Bore Gauges
Our spherical heads are perfect for use in applications where the operator is required to measure deep inside a bore. Spherical bore gauges from Bowers Group can be supplied as a 2 point bore gauge for measuring ovality, or with 3-point contact for excellent repeatability even when out of line with bore centre. Whether you’re measuring the ovality in a bore, a spherical radius, or a bore with known irregularities, Bowers can help.

Spherical Measuring Solutions for Deep Bores
Here at Bowers, we manufacture a variety of standard heads to solve even the most complex measurement problems. In addition to standard spherical measuring heads that can be used with the XT3 range, we can also offer groove measurement solutions, spline measurement solutions and thread measurement solutions. Each of these application heads can be fitted directly to our XT range of internal micrometers and interchanged depending on the measurement solution required.

Bowers Group’s bore gauges are fully set up for full connectivity; data from the gauges can be sent to a PC via Bluetooth for fast, efficient reporting. Each gauge’s ergonomic design improves usability, accuracy, and repeatability, solving even the most complex measurement problems.

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