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  • Sylvac D300S V2 Digital Display
    The D300s V2 digital display from Swiss Metrology manufacturer, Sylvac is able to display the absolute displacement position of Sylvac’s extremely accurate capacitive and Inductive transducer probes, to a resolution of 0.1um, as well as now being capable of connecting probes and instruments from other manufacturers due to the introduction of the new M-Bus input. The D300S has a highly visible 8.5" LCD touch screen digital display and is capable of accepting readings from up to 64 instruments via USB, RS232 and various other types of transducer probes from multiple manufacturers at the same time. The D300S can memorise previously input configurations and values and can recall both individual or group preset values. Each of the D300s’ 64 channels has a separate maths function, whilst all of the channels have switchable numeric / analogue and statistical displays.
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  • Baty Tyre Tread Depth Gauge
    The Baty tyre tread depth gauge has been specially designed to measure the remaining tread depth on motor vehicle tyres to a very high degree of accuracy. Many simple gauges currently available give only an approximate indication of depth, and have been found inaccurate up to 0.5mm. Such errors could be the difference between legal and illegal! The gauge can be supplied with a calibration certificate traceable to national standards if required. Tyre gauge comes supplied in a pvc wallet. The Baty tyre tread gauge has colour-coded bands on the dial: GREEN BAND: tread depth in excess of 2mm and is therefore safe/legal YELLOW BAND: tread depth between 2mm and 1.6mm: depth legal but CAUTION – tyre will need replacing very soon RED BAND: tread depth less than 1.6mm: ILLEGAL! Tyre must be replaced
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