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  • Moore & Wright Dial Test Indicator Accessories
    Moore & Wright Dial Test Indicator Accessories
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  • Sylvac BT Digital Caliper 50 Years Promotion
    Sylvac BT Digital Caliper 50 Years Promotion
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  • 30-805-6121
    Sylvac's S_Dial Mini indicator The Sylvac S_Dial Mini Indicator has been updated with a new look and the popular Bluetooth capability available as an option. The simple to operate instrument has an impressive list of advanced features including a large easy to read display, relative/absolute modes, preset function, metric/inch modes.
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  • Sylvac S_Dial Test Smart Indicator
    The Sylvac S_Dial TEST Smart indicator is now available with integrated Bluetooth technology. This is currently unique in the market and an advancement in Industry 4.0 technology. Features include: • Integrated BT • New internal mechanism without gears eliminating hysteresis errors • IP54 Rated • Two interchangeable contact points 12.5mm and 36.5mm • Display can be rotated through 270° without any need for resetting • Three button interface including favourite button • Adjustable display and larger digits, 8mm from 6mm • Analogue Display Option
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  • Checkmaster Comparator test
    Checkmaster is the flexible gauging solution for short production runs. Simply setup your Universal Tooling set to suit your application (see opposite), fit your preferred indicator and zero against a master for fast accurate and incredibly repeatable results. Gauging force can be adjusted for softer materials and biased for either internal or external dimensions by a simple lever selection. This enables multi-dimension setups to be easily catered for. Need absolute results? Using Bowers' standard digital indicator, the master size can be pre-set. Now the results are displayed as Absolute dimensions. Tolerances can be entered and an out of tolerance symbol will flash for even quicker reference. Tooling: The Universal Tooling Set includes 2 x universal tooling blocks, combination blade / radius anvil, Mushroom anvils and mounting bars to allow a variety of internal and external features to be measured. Checkmasters can be supplied with or without indicators. If ordered 'Less Indicator' the Checkmaster will be supplied with a set of split bushes to suit any 8mm or 3⁄8" stem mount gauge with a suitable reach.
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  • Sylvac Digital Protractor
    Sylvac have launched their digital protractor now with integrated BT to compliment the range of other indicators and instruments that are available with BT and all IOT ready. The Sylvac Digital Protractor gives the operator access to a multitude of useful functions within an easy to use format. The instrument’s easy to read display, digital output and range of useful accessories mean that it can undertake most angular measuring tasks with great ease. Large 8.5mm LCD digits for ease of viewing. Zero setting is made against a fixed stop and internal angles from 40º to 160º inclusive can be measured. Accessories include an acute angle attachment and a support stand for vertical applications. • Integrated Bluetooth • 59.5mm Diameter housing that can rotate through 270° • Large display with colour tolerance status indicator • Three buttons including central button with favourite function • Rule length 200mm with other option lengths available • Measuring Range 1 x 360°, 2 x 180°, 4 x 90° • Additional Data outputs including proximity and power • IP54 Rated • Angular value display
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  • Moore & Wright Digital Internal Micrometer
    150-1000mm Digital Internal Micrometer
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  • Moore & Wright Digital External Micrometer IP65
    Moore & Wright Digital External Micrometer IP65
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