Optical Measuring

Non-contact measuring solutions for process control and inspection

  • Reprorubber - Metrology Grade Casting Material
    Reprorubber offers numerous advantages over other hard-copy replicating materials: • Quick casting – zero shrinkage • No release agent required – will not stick to part • Surface finish replication is exact with excellent optical properties easily checked on an optical comparator or video inspection machine • Copies can be re-copied from original mould • Replicas are permanent – will not leach out, ooze out, or gas out • No more 16 hour cure time as with RTV silicones • More accurate than all other RTV compounds Original Reprorubber® Thin Pour - Final Colour: LIGHT GREEN For internal-shape applications where a thin pour will completely fill the cavity without voids. A complete replica casting is quickly formed. • Manipulation time is approx 2 minutes and cure time is approximately 10 minutes • Start to finish: approximately 12 minutes • Kits include graduated mixing cups, wooden spatulas and instructions Original Reprorubber® Quick Setting Putty - Final Colour: LIGHT BLUE Roll two equal-sized balls of catalyst putty and base putty and simply knead them together like dough. Excellent for external shapes. Simply spread over master pushing down with fingers and wait for cure 8-10minutes. Manipulation time is 1 to 2 minutes. Therefore 12 minutes start to finish. You can also cast internal shapes and cavities but some pressure should be applied such as a weighted object on top. New Reprorubber® Orange – Medium Body Pre-filled Cartridges - Final Colour: ORANGE New Medium Body (Medium Viscosity – Medium Durometer) casting material ideal for both internal and external applications. Disposable pre-filled dual barrel 50ml cartridges can quickly dispense casting material utilising the REPRO-MIX II Gun System. • Mix time: 15-30 seconds and cure time is 5-6 minutes • Start to finish: 6-8 minutes Quick Dispense Cartridge System Kit Contains everything you need to easily create highly accurate, zero shrinkage replicas. Each kit includes 1 each: • Repro-Mix II reusable dispensing gun • 6 each 50ml pre-filled Reprorubber disposable cartridges • 15 disposable mixing nozzles • 2 micro injector snap-on nozzles • Deluxe fitted carrying case
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  • Digital Readouts
    GMR: • Geometric measuring functions including skew • Integrated screen protractor display • RS-232 data output for PC or printer • Cartesian / polar coordinates • Zero, abs/inc mode • Inch / metric selection • Bright easy read LED display GXL: As XLS with geometric functions for skew alignment, angle, radius, point, line, circle. Automatic feature list and graphical view. Macro programming facility guides the operator through the measurement process. Feature tolerancing and standard report printout. Footswitch compatible. GXL-E: As GXL with profile edge sensor to take data points automatically. Eliminates operator error and speeds up inspection times. FT-2: Complete TOUCH SCREEN DRO with 2D Fusion touch software for projectors with full geometric functionality. Graphical view of measured part can be printed as a fully dimensioned drawing with geometric tolerances. Other graphics include form error and SPC charts. Full reporting capability includes tabulated details with pass / fail analysis, auto link to Excel and auto sequence programming feature. SPC and best fitting to dxf (overlay). Windows O/S and built in 19" portrait touch screen monitor in a rugged all steel housing. FT2-E: Complete TOUCH SCREEN DRO with 2D Fusion touch sw. Full geometric functionality. Built in optical edge detection allows data points to be taken ‘on the fly’ as the projected image is passed under the screen mounted fibre optic sensor. View of measured part can be printed as a fully dimensioned drawing. Full reporting capability includes, SPC, tabulated details with pass / fail analysis, auto link to Excel and auto sequence programming feature. Windows O/S and built in 19" portrait touch screen monitor in a rugged all steel housing.
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  • Sylvac Scan S25T
    The all new Sylvac-Scan S25T, the latest addition to optical measuring systems from Sylvac. Using the latest Sylvac-Scan technology, this high resolution, high accuracy machine is ideal for rapid measurement of small cylindrical parts up to 26mm diameter and 200mn in length, such as, watch parts, dental implants, bone-screws, automotive, aerospace and general cylindrical parts where inspection time and accuracy matters. Small yet powerful, the Sylvac-Scan S25T comes equipped with Sylvac’s renowned tilt axis, for comprehensive thread measurement, capable of measuring threads with helix angles up to 30°. Delivered automation ready, with a motorised tailstock for automated clamping, quick release tooling, external I/O connectivity and communication protocols. Easy to use, with an all new operator touch screen interface panel, offering intuitive operation directly on the shop floor, with one click automatic measurement and part recognition. • High resolution and high accuracy <1µm diameters / <3µm length • Moving optics with tilt 0-30° for comprehensive thread measurement • Scan speed 60mm/s, move 100mm/s, • Full 2D scan of part in 4 seconds! • High resolution rotary axis 0.0003º • Compact design W450 x D520 x H590mm (desktop) • Easy to use yet powerful Reflex-Scan+ software • New touch pad operator control panel for ease of use on the shop floor (In addition to standard PC) • New custom thread wizard software • Automation ready, motorised tailstock, I/O connectivity and pneumatic preparation • Quick release tooling with ISO MT2 adaptor • Dynamic LED status bar (classification, status & tailstock force) A NEW touch pad operator control panel, enhancing the ease of use for operators directly on the shop floor. The touch pad can be used to, measure parts, review results, print and make programs with Reflex-Click auto measure. No need for operators to interact with the mouse and keyboard of the main PC. NEW Sylvac-Scan S25T Benefits • Reduce inspection time • Reduce CNC downtime • Reduce investment for control • Reduce scrappage • Increase inspection frequency • Improve process control capabilities • Instant report generated by one machine • Use directly on the shopfloor • Avoid QC bottle necks • No specialist training required to operate • SAVE COSTS
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  • Sylvac Scan F60 Range
    The Sylvac Scan F60 has been designed to measure the most demanding of cylindrical parts. With a brand new camera and optics, the F60 range offers superior image processing with fast inspection times. The Sylvac Scan F60 range is designed for use on the shop floor with a new enclosure including a door and safety curtain, integrated calibration master, temperature sensors and LED status light. The F60 uses the renowned Reflex One Click technology offering part recognition and auto measure, all with one button click. Quick release tooling for making rapid part change overs, combined with sophisticated software giving immediate visual results, assist in providing essential efficiencies in a busy working environment.
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  • Sylvac Scan 52 Optical Measuring Machine for Turned Parts
    The Sylvac Scan is the first horizontal machine specially designed for workshop measurement close to the machine tool. The concept is to measure the parts in the same position as they are machined. Suitable for first-off parts, control in process (SPC), sampling or 100% inspection, the Sylvac Scan 52 machines are set to revolutionise control in the workshop. It's this simple: Place the workpiece on the Sylvac Scan 52 machine, press the button and get all of the values automatically and without pre-programing. Perfectly integrated in the workshop, our Sylvac Scan 52 machines replace conventional measuring systems including multi-gauging jigs thanks to their unsurpassed flexibility and time saving. Delivery includes: • Instrument according to technical specifications • 2 male centers • Small diamond coated drive centre • Small rotating (live) centre • Computer • Mouse • Keyboard • Windows multilingual operating system • Screen • Manual • Reflex-Scan Software • Rotary headstock (model 30-902-5521 only)
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  • Sylvac Scan S145 and S145L
    The Sylvac Scan S145 has been developed as an optical measuring centre, to measure mid to large size cylindrical parts up to 145mm diameter and 1280mm in length. The S145 offers fast, accurate and repeatable measurements equipped with quick release tooling and motorised tailstock, making this the ideal solution for full automation. The Sylvac Scan 145 can be located easily on the shop floor with integrated temperature sensors and on-board calibration master to ensure optimum performance.
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  • Trimos TR-Scan 2D
    Trimos has drawn on its vast experience in metrology to develop a fresh perspective for contactless measurement. The extremely stable mechanism enables contactless measurements down to a few nanometres. The simple optical coupling system allows a quick change of measuring range, with a wide range of sensors to meet the measurement needs of the customer. The system is driven by the Trimos measurement software, Nanoware, which allows any type of 2D mode measurement. The integration of “vertical patching” (stitching) enables the system to exceed the measuring range of the sensor. Macros can be created in the Nanoware software to enable an entirely automatic measurement with integration to component pallets from a production line environment. The software analysis program can produce log sheets that are used in accordance with current roughness standards, such as Ra, Rz, Rq etc. It is also possible to transform the profile into a contour analysis by using the contour option. The main features include: • Simplicity of use for multiple operator usage • Contactless surface measurement • Results are comparable to conventional methods • Nanometric resolution • Large vertical measuring range • 90x90 mm scope of application • Extremely stable cast-iron base • Completely CNC-controlled • Rigid X-Y table • Parts weight capacity up to 20kg For a detailed quote based on your requirements, please contact us on sales@bowersgroup.co.uk.
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