Bowers Group has enjoyed long term relationships with many loyal suppliers who are integral to its business, none more so than with Swiss manufacturer Sylvac SA; a world leader in the field of advanced microelectronics. Together the companies are responsible for developing and bringing to market the world’s first digital 3 point bore gauging system. As Sylvac's sole UK agent, Bowers’ objective is to offer its customers superior service along with quality instruments that are easy to use; helping its customers reduce their production and development costs and improve efficiency on the shop-floor.

  • Sylvac Hi_Gauge ONE Smart
    Digital Height Gauge with BlueTooth from Sylvac. Tagged as IoT ready as the Integrated Bluetooth Wireless Technology give wireless connectivity. By introducing the external diameter ball probe as a constant value you can use the Hi_Gauge ONE Smart to measure groove widths, distances and diameters making this device a very flexible instrument.
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  • S-Cal EVO Form B
    Mid size caliper R5 with upper jaws
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  • Transducer Probes
    Sylvac long travel probes have built-in capacitive transducers which allow them to function for both absolute and comparative measurements. The Sylvac capacitive probes can be used with all Sylvac digital display units. The Sylvac inductive (PXi) probes can be used with the Sylvac D300s V2 MBUS or D70i Display Unit.
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