Bowers Group has enjoyed long term relationships with many loyal suppliers who are integral to its business, none more so than with Swiss manufacturer Sylvac SA; a world leader in the field of advanced microelectronics. Together the companies are responsible for developing and bringing to market the world’s first digital 3 point bore gauging system. As Sylvac's sole UK agent, Bowers’ objective is to offer its customers superior service along with quality instruments that are easy to use; helping its customers reduce their production and development costs and improve efficiency on the shop-floor.

  • Sylvac S_System LIN Digital Scales
    Precision measuring set for new development and retro-fitting.
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  • Sylvac Hi_Cal Digital Motorised Height Gauge - Accessories
    The Sylvac Hi_Cal Digital Motorised Height Gauge is the latest, high specification electronic height gauge available from Bowers. With further improved accuracy, the Hi-Cal is perfect for a variety of measuring tasks including step heights, internal/external diameters and centre-line distances. The height gauge benefits from Sylvac's patented inductive measuring electronics and the latest motorised probing system, to give excellent repeatability and ease of use.
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