Sylvac Digital Protractor

Sylvac Digital Protractor

Sylvac have launched their digital protractor now with integrated BT to compliment the range of other indicators and instruments that are available with BT and all IOT ready.

The Sylvac Digital Protractor gives the operator access to a multitude of useful functions within an easy to use format. The instrument’s easy to read display, digital output and range of useful accessories mean that it can undertake most angular measuring tasks with great ease.
Large 8.5mm LCD digits for ease of viewing.
Zero setting is made against a fixed stop and internal angles from 40º to 160º inclusive can be measured.
Accessories include an acute angle attachment and a support stand for vertical applications.

• Integrated Bluetooth
• 59.5mm Diameter housing that can rotate through 270°
• Large display with colour tolerance status indicator
• Three buttons including central button with favourite function
• Rule length 200mm with other option lengths available
• Measuring Range 1 x 360°, 2 x 180°, 4 x 90°
• Additional Data outputs including proximity and power
• IP54 Rated
• Angular value display

• 1 minute of arc or 0.01 degrees of arc
• For accurate settings the instrument is fitted with a micro-fine adjustment

• 4 minutes of arc

• With the aid of a push button the range can be selected according to the application. i.e 1 x 360º, 2 x 180º or 4 x 90º. Changing from reading of arc minutes to decimal indication by pressing a button.

Example: Angle reading 35º30’ changes to 35.50º

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Code No. Description Price
30-820-2420 Replacement Blade 200mm
30-820-2430 Additional Blade 300mm
30-820-2450 Additional Blade 500mm
30-820-2460 Support stand for protractor
30-820-2461 Acute Angle Attachment
30-820-1706 Sylvac SMART Protractor with Integrated Bluetooth