FT2E Retrofit Package

FT2E Retrofit Package

Fusion Touch Software

Bowers Group has a new initiative for businesses with profile projectors, following the creation of an upgrade package to covert profile projectors into a 2D measuring device. The Baty Fusion measurement software can be incorporated with a touch screen monitor which is easily attached to your existing hardware. This simple approach really does reinvigorate the use of existing hardware without incurring the cost of replacing the machine itself. This innovation can be utilised on BATY, STARRETT and MITUTOYO profile projectors.

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Fusion Software

This simple plug and play retrofit improves speed, accuracy and ease of reporting for 2D measurement. Operator influence is no longer a concern and time and date stamped reports can be generated for customers and management teams as standard PDFs.

The newly developed screen mounted edge sensor allows data points to be taken quickly and used to construct standard geometric features and / or to overlay onto an imported CAD file for a “best fit” profile dimension, making the standard overlay unnecessary.

Graphical reporting options include a dimensional drawing of the measured part, with colour coded dimensions for pass / fail SPC functionality and a quick output to Excel.

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The Innovation Package

This innovation package includes everything needed to transform your existing old version profile projector into a newer version with improved functionality.

Elements of the package are, the Fusion software, the hardware and cables for your correct scales, the optical edge sensor, giving greater accuracy and fitting with training if wanted.

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