Bowers Group MMC

Bowers Group MMC


Driving Efficiencies with the Mobile Metrology Centre!


Your time is precious. Taking time out of your busy working week to look for precision measurement solutions or plan product demonstrations, may seem impossible.


Let Us Bring Our Products to You

That’s why we have our Mobile Metrology Centre – to bring our products directly to your door. Nothing beats seeing first-hand how our metrology equipment can help your business.

Dan French, our Metrology Specialist, will be on hand to demonstrate how our latest cost-effective measurement solutions can resolve your inspection problems, provide full traceability, de-skill the operation and save you both time and money. We can show you how to measure parts, answer your technical questions, and prove how our products will benefit you.

Avoid Inspection Bottlenecks

See for yourself how our products produce measurement data with ease, accuracy and speed. Join us on board the Mobile Metrology Centre and we will demonstrate how our machines can make a real difference to your manufacturing capabilities.

What's on board?


Sylvac Shaft Scanning Machine: - The most effective way to measure turned parts. Utilising the most user-friendly software on the market these machines are able to measure and report all external features in a matter of seconds, with a single click of a button. Suitable for first-off inspection, in process control and 100% inspection, our shaft scanning machines offer minimal inspection times, reductions in scrap, an increase in productivity and a fast return on investment.

Baty ‘Hybrid’ Vision & Tactile Measuring Machine: - This flexible, multiuse 3D system is a powerful yet affordable Vision machine with 4 in 1 technology turning the system into a CMM, Microscope and highly accurate Profile Projector. The simplicity of our Fusion Software enables any of your employees to operate this Hybrid Machine, eliminating the bottleneck in the quality department.

Innovatest Hardness Tester: - A new generation of hardness testing machines; improving and speeding up conventional hardness testing methods whilst focussing on eliminating user influence on the test results. Our fully automatic Micro/Macro Vickers, Knoop & Brinell tester is a load cell, force feedback, closed loop system with automatic test force setting, brightness, contrast and sharpness control. Running the innovative IMPRESSIONS™ software with auto focus and automatic indent measurement, accurate Hardness Testing has never been easier.

Bowers Bore Gauges: - Long recognised as the World’s leading Bore Gauge Manufacturer, these high precision gauges, made in the UK, have been designed for accuracy, ease of use, and simple transfer of data. For complex measurements we have an applications team on hand to provide solutions to your specific requirements.

Return on Investment


Let us show you our Return on Investment calculator, which highlights the financial benefits to each solution for your commercial justification

Booking a Visit

The Metrology Centre is a self-contained mobile showroom which has been exclusively designed to be fully self-sufficient; all we need is a level car parking space and twenty minutes of your time. Don’t let metrology be an afterthought! Book an appointment to see how we can help you today.

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