8/14/2017 12:19 PM

Recent Membership of Aerospace Alliances in the UK for Bowers Group

Bowers Group Becomes Members of 4 UK Based Aerospace Alliances

Bowers Group is pleased to announce its recent membership of a number of Aerospace Alliances in the UK. Precision measurement experts Bowers Group is now an official member of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance, the Northwest Aerospace Alliance, the West of England Aerospace Forum and the Aerospace Wales Forum.

Innovative Aerospace Design and Manufacture

Martin Hawkins, UK Sales Manager at Bowers Group, said: “As regular suppliers of measurement equipment to the aerospace industry, our membership of a number of key UK Aerospace Alliances is the perfect way to ensure our design engineers stay at the very forefront of innovative design and manufacture in this field.

Meeting the Demands of the Aerospace Industry

Commenting further Martin Hawkins said: “Out third party product range from Sylvac, Trimos, Accretech and Wyler is also at the forefront of inspection and measurement process control, and making these products available enables the Bowers Group to meet and succeed at the highest levels of technology demanded by the aerospace industry.”

Bowers Group’s continued investment in cutting edge technology, and the increasing demand for highly accurate gauging instruments and systems mean that a substantial number of products are being specifically designed for the aerospace industry. For more information please visit