6/22/2012 5:38 PM

Baty at Eighty

Now in its 80th anniversary year Bowers Group member, Baty International is able to reflect on its proud history and look to the future with great confidence. Currently experiencing record levels of business, the well known company now offers its most comprehensive range of products to date. From an all-inclusive range of Metrology Instruments and Hand Tools, to its renowned Vision Measuring Systems, Baty claim to provide solutions for almost every measurement application within modern manufacturing.

Established in 1932, Baty International began life as a manufacturer of high precision Dial Indicators, Cylinder Bore Gauges and other associated measuring instruments. Having quickly earned an excellent reputation for the quality and precision of its products, and prompted by growing domestic and overseas demand, the company soon diversified into the field of non-contact measurement by designing and manufacturing a range of advanced Optical Projectors.

The global success of the company’s renowned Shadowgraph Optical Projector series has lead to them becoming an industry standard, so much so, that today the word ‘Shadowgraph’ is regularly used as a generic term for an Optical Projector. The popular, and highly evolved Baty Shadowgraph range is still manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, at the company’s Sussex manufacturing facility.

Ever at the forefront of technological developments, in the 1980’s Baty was a pioneer in the field of Camera Based Vision Measuring Systems. Over the past 30 years, innovative company developments have resulted in Baty now offering a comprehensive range of high quality Vision Systems solutions. Cost effective Baty systems are now available covering both manual and CNC requirements, for 2D and 3D applications. Providing the best of both worlds, Baty also offer systems using a combination of non-contact technology and tactile measurement with the use of Renishaw probes.

Given Baty’s excellent reputation, the company’s well established international sales network and the steady stream of innovative new products emanating from its busy R&D Department, the 20 years leading to the company’s centenary promise to be another exciting chapter in the company’s history.