9/4/2018 9:06 AM

Bowers Group Bore Gauges Measuring Components on NCMT Mach Stand

Bluetooth Bore Gauges on NCMT Ltd Stand at MACH Exhibition

NCMT Ltd will have a Bowers Group XT holematic pistol grip bore gauge on stand at MACH, demonstrating the accurate measurement of quality components using Bluetooth communication. As providers of high technology engineering solutions for metal cutting and grinding applications in the UK and across Europe, NCMT provides everything from stand-alone machines to complete production lines with high degrees of automation.

XT Holematic Pistol Grip Bore Gauge

Holematic bore gaugeThe XT holematic pistol grip bore gauge will be used to illustrate Industry 4.0 in action, measuring components manufactured on the machine tool and facilitating bi-directional communication to send measurements straight back to the MACHINE controller. This communication allows further machining adjustments to be made on the components; improving accuracy, efficiency, and meeting tight tolerances. The NCMT stand will also feature a Sylvac digital Bluetooth caliper, further demonstrating precision measurement of quality components utilising Bluetooth.

Producing Components of the Very Highest Quality

Adrian Maughan, Engineering Director at NCMT said: “We are delighted to be demonstrating the ways in which NCMT uses Bluetooth compatible products, facilitating Industry 4.0, on our stand at MACH Exhibition. The XT holematic pistol grip bore gauges from Bowers Group are reliable and accurate, allowing NCMT to consistently produce components of the very highest quality for the most demanding fields of engineering.”

NCMT Ltd logoNCMT also provide the Blue Photon photo-activated adhesive workholding system to its customers. Field-tested in manufacturing plants all over the world, Blue Photon is the answer to manufacturers’ quest for a workholding system to hold delicate, complex shaped or near-net shaped parts for manufacturing. It also has the capacity to hold parts with exceptional 5-axis machine tool access. The Blue Photon system holds a workpiece securely and freely, allowing 5 and even 6-sided part access. It allows for heavy milling of materials, like titanium and superalloys.

ACCRETECH Rondcom Touch Roundness Machine

Bowers Group will also have an NCMT component on its stand at MACH, which will be used to further demonstrate the potential measurement solutions available to customers in a variety of industries. The ACCRETECH Rondcom Touch roundness machine on the Bowers stand will be used to demonstrate how the Blue Photon photo-activated adhesive workholding system can be used to maintain tolerances.

To find out more about NCMT and to see the XT holematic pistol grip bore gauge in action, visit NCMT on stand H19 – 640. For more precision measurement solutions, including further examples of how our products can facilitate industry 4.0, visit the Bowers Group on stand H18 – 310 at MACH 2018 from April 9–13th at NEC, Birmingham.