8/14/2019 9:36 AM

Bowers Group Staff Take Part in Charity Football Match in Aid of Cancer Research UK

Charity Football Match in Aid of Cancer Research UK Raises £3000


Staff at Bowers Group recently took part in a charity football match in aid of Cancer Research UK, joining over 50 employees from across the Spear and Jackson Group who travelled from all over the UK to take part in the S&J Group summer charity fundraiser.

Ex-Premier League Official gets Involved!

Held on 16th August at Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park, it was a fantastic match and resulted in a win for Real ETG, 5-4, with Athletico Tools already asking for a rematch!

The match was refereed by Ex-Premier league official, Eclipse Magnetics’ very own Rob Pashley, with goals scored for Real ETG by Daniel French, James Bessey, Ryan Telling, Andy Reeve and Craig Chambers, and for Athletico Tools by Corey Douglas, Barry Chan, Gary Windle and Billy Bartles.

Charity Chosen by Employees


Every Summer the S&J Group get involved in fundraising for a charity chosen by its employees.

As well as the match itself, the Group also ran all sorts of initiatives to support the fundraising on the night, including team fines for red and yellow cards, a charity raffle, charity tuck shop, winner sweepstake and a charity bucket. 

Donate to Cancer Research UK

Despite having a goal of £900, the fundraising total stands at a huge £3,170, which is 352% of the initial target. We’d like to thank all the players, supporters, fundraisers, organisers and our Chairman Simon for his involvement.

Please visit our Just Giving page for any final donations, they’d be greatly appreciated!