5/16/2012 12:51 AM

New Bowers Gauge Makes ‘Light’ Work of Large Diameters

Prompted by industry’s need for a convenient means of accurately measuring large internal and external diameters and lengths, Bowers Metrology’s busy R&D Department has developed a new modular, Carbon Fibre Comparator Beam Gauge. Suitable for precisely measuring critical diameters and lengths of more than 4000mm, the use of Carbon Fibre enables Bowers’ advanced new gauge to overcome many of the drawbacks previously encountered when using traditional metal beam gauges. Even at a span of 4 meters, Bowers’ new comparator is light enough for operators to handle with ease. Moreover, the inherent stiffness and excellent co-efficient of thermal expansion properties of the gauges’ material helps it to deliver outstanding levels of accuracy and repeatability.

The measuring capacity of Bowers’ Comparator Beam Gauge’s standard set is OD 0 - 1930mm, ID 150 - 2150mm, whilst the modular design of the gauge allows infinite adjustment within the above ranges. Additional 1000mm extensions can also be added to further increase the standard kit’s range. The set also includes tooling that enables the gauge to be quickly preset on Trimos horizontals or similar gauge setting machines. Increasing the gauge’s usefulness, in addition to being supplied with a range of length extensions, Bowers’ standard kit includes accessories such as gauge legs and depth stops. Dependant on the application and user preferences, Bowers’ new gauges can be supplied with either a digital or mechanical readout.

For more information about the Carbon Fibre Beam Gauge, click here.