10/30/2012 11:14 PM

The ‘Height’ of Shop Floor Accuracy from Bowers

Bowers Metrology has announced the launch of the Hi_Gage ONE range of digital, shop floor proof height gauges from Sylvac. Available in 400 mm and 600 mm capacities, the robust new gauges are water and coolant resistant and were designed to provide high levels of accuracy and repeatability throughout extended shop floor use.

Ease and speed of use of the cost effective new height gauges is made possible by the range’s ergonomic design, quick release/displacement knob and their fast measuring carriages displacement capability.

Through the use of Sylvac’s state-of-the-art electronic system, a configurable menu and easy 3 button operation, a range of simple and intuitive functions is available to the operator. Enabling the gauge’s use in less than ideal conditions, the Hi_Gage ONE boasts a large 9.6 mm digit, hi-resolution LCD readout for displaying its findings.

To help extend battery life, the height gauges’ enter a ‘sleep’ mode following 20 minutes of inactivity. A ‘wake-up’ mode is automatically activated by renewed use, whilst the previous scale position is recalled on the instruments’ digital displays.

If required the Hi_Gage ONE is able to download all readings via its built-in USB / RS232 outputs, whilst an optional plug-in module enables the convenient transfer of measurements in a ‘wireless’ mode.

For more information about the Hi_Gage ONE, click here.