8/16/2012 8:18 PM

Bowers Continues Capital Investment Program

As the world’s leading Bore Gauge manufacturer, Bowers Metrology has earned a reputation second to none for the quality, accuracy and robustness of its famous internal measuring devices. Over recent years Bowers has translated this ethos into a now extremely comprehensive range of general shop-floor gauges providing global industry with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all metrology needs.

The deployment of a clear, strategic capital investment program has facilitated Bowers’ long term approach to product development and innovation, the latest phase being the purchase of a new Citizen L20E-IX CNC, Sliding Head Lathe.

Bowers’ Managing Director Graham Keefe explains “2012 sees the launch of the newest addition to our range of bore gauges, the Bowers MicroGauge; a miniature gauge designed for the measurement of small bores. Manufacturing complex components for such a small gauge requires highly precise machining and, although our existing Citizen Lathe continues to give us outstanding service, the innovation and flexibility of the new lathe has enabled us to dramatically reduce cycle times.

“Furthermore, with the help of Mikron’s high performance CrazyDrill and the delivery of high-pressure coolant, the Citizen has enabled us to drill diameters below 2.5mm up to twenty times diameter deep, supporting further development of new products.

Graham concludes “Previous to our new Citizen CNC Lathe’s purchase we calculated our Return On Investment for the L20E-IX, based on our anticipated volumes and truncated component cycle times. I was delighted to find that the machine performs better than our estimates and has further improved our ROI.”