7/16/2012 9:06 PM

Bowers ‘Scale’ The Summit of Accuracy

UK agent for renowned Swiss company Sylvac, Bowers Metrology UK has announced the launch of a range of precision digital scales/sensors from the famous metrology manufacturer. Featuring a scale pitch of 1.000 mm and a scale maximum error specification of L/150 – L/300 (dependent on model), plus a sensor Maximum error specifications of 3um – 5um (dependent on model), the new Sylvac S_System LIN range is ideal for both incorporating into new developments and retro-fitting to existing applications. The easy to integrate system has a maximum length of 1140 mm and has the important advantages of a relatively small profile and overall dimensions.

Bowers claims that the advanced new scale/sensors’ robust construction and IP 67 rating helps to ensure prolonged accurate use, meaning that the system is ideal to be utilised across a wide range of precision measuring and demanding manufacturing applications.

Connectivity of the new Sylvac S_System LIN range can be achieved by either USB or RS-232, whist the supplied system can be simply programmed by PC with the use of the easy to use supplied software.

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