11/30/2017 2:43 PM

Selection of Product Videos Launched on Bowers Group Website

Metrology Expert Bowers Group Launches Selection of Product Videos

Bowers Group is pleased to announce the addition of a dedicated video section of its website. As a leading supplier of precision metrology equipment, bespoke system design and laboratory based UKAS calibration services, Bowers Group now has a wide selection of product videos featuring a variety of metrology equipment, as well as informative educational videos on topics such as Bluetooth and Industry 4.0.

Useful Product Information and More

Bowers Group Marketing Manager Cathy Clewer said: “We are delighted to be able to offer our customers access to a range of product videos, which we will continue to expand over the coming months. Being able to show off our extensive product range through videos is a great way to reach customers, and provide them with useful information on the fantastic benefits of using them. Watch and enjoy!”

Special Applications Team

Visitors to the website can access the videos section through the main site navigation, or through the videos box on the homepage. Also included on the videos page is Bowers Group’s popular corporate video that focuses on its highly skilled and experienced Special Applications Team. Based at the main manufacturing site in Bradford, the video explains how the specials team devote their time to the development of measurement solutions for non-standard applications including Grooves, Threads, Splines and Sphericals.

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