2/17/2020 10:30 AM

Bowers Group Launches New Sylvac Sylcom PRO Software in UK

New Sylvac Sylcom PRO Software Launched by Bowers Group in UK

As Sylvac's sole UK agent, Bowers Group is pleased to introduce the latest data collection software designed and developed by Swiss manufacturer Sylvac SA. This new, universal software allows either Bluetooth or USB connection between most of the Sylvac measuring instruments, enabling instant data transfer and a variety of advanced features alongside the BT enabled Bowers Bore Gauging products.

sylcom advanced software

The Sylcom Pro software can be used to display values in different modes, to upload the drawings of parts with dimensions, to show the agreed level of tolerances, and to show the pass / fail readings. All of this data can then be exported out to Excel at the touch of a button for use in reports.

The Perfect Solution for Advanced Manufacturers

Bowers Group UK Sales Director Martin Hawkins, said: “This advanced software from Sylvac is a great solution for immediate, reliable connectivity between a variety of multi-gauging measurements and control stations. The Sylcom Pro software allows connection between Sylvac instruments either via USB, Bluetooth, or through the modules M-Bus, enabling up to 128 devices or 40 Bluetooth devices at once. It really is the perfect solution for advanced manufacturers who truly wish to embrace industry 4.0 with the very latest software and expertise.”

In addition to the possibilities provided by the Sylcom Standard and Advanced software packages, Sylcom PRO allows for the sophisticated management of control plans, clear display of statistics, the ability to define specific actions, or use the SPC export. Getting started is easy; simply order your licence from Bowers Group, which can be provided either through USB dongle or digitally, download the software and enter an activation code. If you already have Sylcom Standard or Advanced and want to upgrade to Sylcom PRO, you’ll receive an activation code to enter into Sylcom to grant automatic access.

Contact Bowers Group, Sylvac’s Sole UK Agent

Sylvac is a world leader in the field of advanced microelectronics, and Bowers Group has enjoyed a strong relationship with the Swiss manufacturer for many years, offering its customers superior service along with quality instruments that are easy to use; and helping its customers reduce their production and development costs and improve efficiency on the shop-floor.