3/4/2018 10:19 AM

Outstanding Performance Award for Bowers Group

Bowers Group Receives Outstanding Performance Award for Sylvac Sales Performance

sylvac performance awardBowers Group has been presented with an award for its outstanding sales performance for the Sylvac brand. As part of its long term close relationship with the Swiss manufacturer, Duain Brisco, Area Sales Manager & Global Sales Manager for Scan & Visio at Sylvac SA visited the Bowers Group’s Camberley offices last month to officially present Bowers Group with a framed “Outstanding Performance” award certificate for sales performance in 2017.

Sylvac’s Sole UK Agent

Martin Hawkins, UK Sales Manager at Bowers Group said: “We are delighted to have received such fantastic recognition for our sales performance. Being Sylvac’s sole UK agent, our objective is to offer customers superior service along with quality instruments that are easy to use; helping customers reduce their production and development costs and improve efficiency on the shop-floor.”

World’s First Digital 3 Point Bore Gauging System

Sylvac is a world leader in the field of advanced microelectronics, and together with Bowers Group, the companies are responsible for developing and bringing to market the world’s first digital 3 point bore gauging system.

In addition, Bowers Group recently introduced the latest Sylvac Scan machine to the UK market; the Sylvac Scan F60. This optical measuring system is the first of a new range of scan machines for the non-contact measurement of cylindrical turned parts, featuring a new camera and optics which offer superior image processing, speed and quality. The Sylvac Scan F60 can increase productively with a significant reduction in inspection time on even the most demanding of cylindrical parts; including shafts, turbine blades, camshafts and associated components.