10/30/2012 11:02 PM

Bowers’ new Caliper has μm Accuracy

Bowers Metrology has announced the launch of the S_Cal PRO μ, micron reading digital caliper. Through the use of Sylvac’s state-of-the-art electronic operating system, a cutting-edge, hardened and ground stainless steel frame and jaws with an enhanced parallelism specification, the advanced new gauge is able to achieve an impressive repeatability figure of 3 μm.

Ideal for use within pristine inspection departments or on the shop floor, the S_Cal PRO μ has an IP67 protection rating, according to IEC 60529, rendering the gauge resistant to the ingress of lubricants, water, coolants and dust.

Although the new Sylvac gauge’s batteries provide an impressive 12,000 hours of continuous use, to help further extend battery life, the caliper enters a ‘sleep’ mode following 20 minutes of inactivity. The gauge’s ‘wake-up’ mode is automatically activated by renewed use, whilst the previous scale position is recalled on the digital display.

Ideal for internal, external and depth measurements, the new Sylvac Caliper boasts a large 9.6 mm digit, hi-resolution LCD readout for displaying its findings, whilst a simple 2-button intuitive operating system gives the user easy access to a range of features, such as a metric/inch conversion and a zero setting.

On launching the new shop floor proof S_Cal PRO μ, Stuart Millington Bowers UK Managing Directo enthused “Given the improved accuracy, repeatability and cost effective price of the S_Cal PRO μ, we are certain that the advanced new Sylvac instrument will extend the use of the ubiquitous digital caliper into areas of higher precision not previously considered appropriate for the use of this class of gauge.”

For more information about the S_Cal PRO μ, click here.