6/1/2010 6:46 PM

VµMaster - 2D vision system with a massive difference

Due to a newly patented scale system, the VuMaster does not have a conventional stage or encoders, just a floating measuring camera that is able to move anywhere in the measuring range.

  • The position of the measuring camera is cleverly determined by a second camera moving in unison and reading the patented X,Y scale.
  • This enables the VµMaster to offer high accuracy measurement (error =The measuring system operates on a Windows XP platform and is based on Baty's widely used 'Fusion' software.
  • Standard geometric features are calculated from data collected using Video Edge Detection.
  • Other features include a new comprehensive suite of video tools with 'live' edge detection adjustment and digital zooming / panning.
  • The programmable ring light consists of high density white LEDs which can be controlled individually.
  • Conventional measurement of 2D features can be combined with free-form profile scanning which can be overlaid onto CAD files.
  • The results are displayed graphically and a dimensioned component drawing can be produced instantly.
  • The above features, normally associated with high-end Vision systems are available as standard with the VmMaster.

The fully inclusive system is supplied with an integrated PC and 19" LCD monitor, cordless mouse & keyboard and is offered at the same price as a conventional profile projector!

VµMaster on-site demos are being arranged now. Contact for more information.