12/2/2019 3:24 PM

New Series of Baty Venture XT Training Videos Available from Bowers Group

Training Videos on the Baty Venture XT Now Available!


Bowers Group has released an impressive selection of instructional training videos with valuable information about getting the best results from the Baty Venture XT Vision System. There are 6 videos in the series, with each detailing an important part of the Venture XT’s use.


Training Videos for the Baty Venture XT

Chapter 1 - Introduction to the Baty Venture XT  

Chapter 2 – Video Edge Detection 

Chaper 3 – Scanning and Best Fitting  

Chapter 4 – Overlays and Stitched Images 

Chapter 5 – Touch Probe Maganement 

Chapter 6 – Reporting 

 A Richer Product Experience

Bowers Group Marketing Manager Cathy Clewer said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer a selection of instructional videos on the Baty Venture XT to create a richer product experience for both businesses and customers. The videos are a great way of familiarising customers with the product, sharing valuable product training advice, and exclusive hints and tips from our product experts. The videos are assessable, engaging, and full of useful information; and they’re proving to be very popular!”

Features of a Sophisticated Vision System 

Featuring Geoff Jackson, Business and Product Development Director at Baty the videos explain the features of the Venture XT; a sophisticated vision system that truly paves the way for high accuracy contact and non-contact measurement. The newly styled vision system includes an extended 200mm measuring range in the Z axis, new column design with integral Z axis counter balance, faster X-Y axis drives, touch screen, greater field of view and magnification up to 12 x zoom. The enhancements to this new product also include a major redesign of the software.

The Venture XT received rave reviews following its unveiling at Control Exhibition in Stuttgart last year; feedback was excellent, and distributors especially liked the new field of view tools which have dramatically reduced program execution times.

Download the Latest Baty Brochure for More Information

Download the latest Baty Vision System Brochure - including the Baty Vumaster, Venture Touch, Venture Plus and the new Venture XT.