1/2/2010 5:08 PM

The all new ShadoMASTER VI-3015H

The ShadoMASTER is a horizontal Camera Based Video Inspection System that is particularly suited to shaft measurement.

The cast iron stage has tooling slots aligned with the optical path to facilitate the mounting of work holding fixtures such as vee-blocks and centres.

A shaft scanning tool quickly scans the profile of the shaft and Baty’s Fusion software converts this scanned data into a dimensioned drawing of the measured part – AUTOMATICALLY!. Interchangeable fixed objective lenses are used to determine the field of view and pixel size which can be sub-micron for close tolerance requirements.

The VI-3015H can measure shafts up to 300mm in length with a maximum diameter of 150mm providing the overall weight does not exceed 25KG

The PC based controller runs on a Windows XP operating system and is completely integrated within the chassis so the installation is both quick and easy with no trailing cables. The system is also supplied with LED surface illumination which is ideal for illuminating the various facets of form cutting tools.

The LED lighting consists of 16 high intensity white LEDS which can be switched on in clusters to form a segment which is also radially adjustable. This means that the light can be positioned exactly where it needs to be in order for the edge detection tools to measure the edges that you are interested in. Once programmed, the lighting conditions are reproduced by the software for every inspection to ensure optimum repeatability.