9/28/2012 1:14 AM

Magnetic Attraction of Bowers Hardness Tester

Mindful of the difficulties involved in transporting large components to static hardness testing devices, and the need to speed-up accurate shop floor testing procedures, Bowers Metrology has launched the W-INMR/01, Portable Rockwell Hardness Tester.

Bowers’ advanced new instrument has an accuracy specification that complies with ISO6508 or ASTM E18 and features a test head that can be fixed to the surface of iron and steel components by a strong magnetic force. When applied, the instruments 350kg+ magnetic base holds the unit firmly in position negating the need to support the test piece.

Bowers’ cost effective new tester was designed for the convenient hardness testing of large workpieces that are assembled or inconvenient to move, such as moulds, steel plates, steel tubes, steel structures, boilers, pressure vessels, metallic pipe lines or machine tool elements such as slide ways. The W-INMR/01’s low net weight (4.9kg) and convenient aluminium carrying case make it ideal for both workshop and ‘in the field’ use. Hardness testing procedures can be performed regardless of the shape of the component under inspection providing there is a flat surface for positioning of the magnetic base, or in the case of cylindrical parts, the units removable ‘V’ supports are used.

When used, the tester has an initial test force of 10kg, whilst Rockwell test forces of 60kg, 100kg or 150kg are applied via a 120°diamond cone indenter or a 1.588mm carbide ball. 15 hardness scales are available including Rockwell hardness HRC, HRB and HRA.

For more information on the W-INMR/01, Portable Rockwell Hardness Tester, click here.