• Sylvac Digital Readout – Smart move to Bluetooth

    UK agent for the innovative Sylvac company, Bowers Metrology has launched the ground-breaking D300s Bluetooth Smart, digital readout unit from the renowned Swiss Metrology manufacturer. Sylvac’s advanced new digital readout unit benefits from the latest wireless transmission technique - Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), allowing rapid wireless data exchange across a radius of approximately 12 metres.

  • Bowers at Offshore Europe

    The Bowers Group will be exhibiting a wide range of Oil Industry related measuring devices at SPE Offshore Europe. As the sole U.K. and Ireland distributor for the well-known American Gagemaker range of Oil Industry measuring instruments, Bowers will be demonstrating how the high-quality, rugged gauges are able to help manufacturers achieve accurate measurement in all measuring disciplines associated with the Oil Industry.

  • Baty’s New Venture – Capital Idea!

    Baty International has announced the launch of the Semi- Automatic variant of the company’s popular Venture Vision Measuring System. Prompted by global demand, the advanced new system combines the advantages of manually operated X and Y axes with an automatic motorised Z axis and zoom lens. The result is a fast, accurate arrangement that allows the operator to measure batches of parts by following simple directions on the graphically displayed ‘part-view’.

  • Baty’s VuMaster – a Vision for the Future

    Baty International has announced the launch of the advanced VuMaster, 2D vision measuring system. Described by the company as a cost effective solution for fast, accurate 2D measurement, VuMaster can be operated manually, or inspection routines can be recorded and stored. When recalled, the simple ‘teach and repeat’ part programming feature guides the operator through a pre-defined inspection procedure, recreating the same lighting conditions and using ‘Video Edge Detection’ to automatically ’capture’ feature data. If required, configurable reports can also be generated, featuring tabulated results and fully dimensioned drawing of the measured part.

  • Bluetooth - an Indicator of Sylvac Quality

    UK agent for the renowned Swiss Metrology manufacturer Sylvac, Bowers Metrology has launched a range of Sylvac digital indicators with advanced wireless communication capability: S_Dial Work Nano Bluetooth Smart.

  • The Bowers Group Appoints New Managing Director

    The Bowers Group, leader in the field of precision measuring solutions, has announced the appointment of Geoff Jackson to the position of Group Managing Director, with overall responsibility for the Bowers, Baty, Moore & Wright and CV Instruments brands.

  • Bowers ‘Level’ Best ‘Inclined’ to be Accurate

    UK agent for the renowned Swiss level manufacturer Wyler, Bowers Metrology has announced the launch of the advanced BlueLEVEL-2D. Underlining Wyler’s world leading position within the field of precise inclination measurement, the new BlueLEVEL-2D combines for the first time two high-precision inclination sensors in a compact housing, together with an integrated graphical display.

  • Accurate Taper Measurement from Bowers

    A welcome ‘bi-product’ of the impressive, extended travel capability of the measuring anvils incorporated into Bowers’ highly accurate XT Xtreme Bore Gauges, is their ability to be adapted to a wide range of non-standard bore measurement applications.

  • Bowers Exhibit Extended Range at Control

    As a global leader within the field of Bore Gauging, Bowers will be exhibiting the company’s comprehensive ranges of high-quality analogue and digital bore gauges at Control, including the recently launched MicroGauge. The ingenious, 2-point MicroGauge bore-gauging system features a completely new, integral digital readout and has been designed specifically for the accurate measurement of bores from 1.0 - 6.0 mm.

  • Bowers’ Advanced Hardness Tester – The ‘Automatic’ Choice

    Bowers Metrology has announced the launch of the advanced Nexus 3001XLM-IMP Fully Automated Hardness Tester. Designed for use within the harshest of industrial environments or within the most demanding of academic or research areas, Bowers’ new large capacity tester is able to deliver precise Brinell results and simultaneous conversions to Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell and Leeb rebound hardness.

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