• Baty at Eighty

    Now in its 80th anniversary year Bowers Group member, Baty International is able to reflect on its proud history and look to the future with great confidence. Currently experiencing record levels of business, the well known company now offers its most comprehensive range of products to date. From an all-inclusive range of Metrology Instruments and Hand Tools, to its renowned Vision Measuring Systems, Baty claim to provide solutions for almost every measurement application within modern manufacturing.

  • New Bowers Gauge Makes ‘Light’ Work of Large Diameters

    Prompted by industry’s need for a convenient means of accurately measuring large internal and external diameters and lengths, Bowers Metrology’s busy R&D Department has developed a new modular, Carbon Fibre Comparator Beam Gauge. Suitable for precisely measuring critical diameters and lengths of more than 4000mm, the use of Carbon Fibre enables Bowers’ advanced new gauge to overcome many of the drawbacks previously encountered when using traditional metal beam gauges. Even at a span of 4 meters, Bowers’ new comparator is light enough for operators to handle with ease. Moreover, the inherent stiffness and excellent co-efficient of thermal expansion properties of the gauges’ material helps it to deliver outstanding levels of accuracy and repeatability.

  • Hardness Testing Problems Met Their ‘Nemesis’ at MACH 2012

    The Bowers Metrology UK staff were kept busy demonstrating the recently launched Nemesis 9000 Hardness Tester Range, throughout the recent MACH 2012 Exhibition. Making a UK exhibition debut, the Nemesis 9000 Series of multi-purpose hardness testing instruments is based on the most up to date hardness testing technology. Featuring a modern design with excellent access for large components, Bowers’ advanced new product delivers high-precision combined with high-definition imaging, creating an almost unlimited field of application.

  • ‘Universal’ Acclaim for Bowers’ VERZUS Series

    Prompted by industry’s growing demand for more flexible hardness testers, Bowers Metrology UK has launched the VERZUS 700 Series Universal hardness tester, designed to cover a wide range of test loads and test methods. The VERZUS 700 features an advanced closed loop system, based on precision load cell technology, and test forces ranging from 1 to 250kgf. The comprehensive VERZUS 700 Universal hardness tester guarantees unmatched levels of GR & R results that cannot be achieved by other Universal hardness testers.

  • Bowers Indicates a World First

    Encouraged by the success of the popular Sylvac 213 Series Digital Indicators, Bowers Metrology has launched the S_Dial WORK; fully configurable versions of the tough yet accurate digital indicator. Claimed by Bowers to be ‘the first fully configurable dial gauge in the world’, easy to use, with configurable menus that allow the functions of Sylvac S_Dial WORK indicators to be precisely defined by the user.

  • Bowers Inclined Towards Accuracy

    Building on the success of the popular standard BlueCLINO, Bowers Metrology UK has announced the launch of the Wyler BlueCLINO High Precision ((HP). The advanced new electronic inclinometer has a measuring range of ±1° (corresponding to approx ±18mm/m) and is able to indicate the majority of angular units, in addition to an easy to read digital readout facility, Wyler’s advanced new HP inclinometers includes a range of coloured display options including bar graphs and spirit levels.

  • New D300S Digital Readout from Sylvac

    Further extending its range of digital readout units, UK agent for the innovative Sylvac Company, Bowers Metrology has launched the cost effective new D300S from the renowned Swiss Metrology manufacturer. Sylvac’s advanced new digital readout unit is able to display the absolute displacement position of Sylvac’s extremely accurate transducer probes, to a resolution of 0.1um.

  • Long Reaching Bore Gauging System from Bowers

    Bowers Metrology has further improved its long-reach Bore Gauging system with the introduction of a choice of new Sylvac readout systems. Boasting the unique ability to accurately measure bores from 50 – 310 mm diameter, up to 15m deep, the pneumatically activated Deep-Hole System provides an accurate and repeatable solution to what was previously a near impossible measuring task.

  • Bowers TT-270 Delivers Quality through Thick and Thin

    Bowers Metrology UK has announced the launch of the advanced TT-270 portable coating thickness gauge with integrated printer. Designed to withstand shop-floor use, the robust new Bowers gauge can be used across a wide range of material substrates and coatings. The new instrument is capable of delivering accurate coating thickness readings through both Magnetic Induction (F) and Eddy Current (N) methods. When using an F Series probe, the flexible TT-270 gauge is able to measure non-magnetic coatings on ferro substrates, when an N Series probe is connected, the unit can measure non-conductive coatings on non-ferro substrates.

  • Bowers MicroGauge delivers Macro-Benefits

    As a response to frequent requests from the company’s global customer base for a gauging system that could accurately measure small bores, Bowers Metrology has launched the ingenious 2-point MicroGauge bore gauging system. Designed specifically for the accurate measurement of bores from 1.0 - 6.0 mm, the extremely compact gauge features a completely new integral digital readout.

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