• Bowers’ Height Gauge Measures Extremely Large Diameters

    Bowers Metrology UK has recently announced the launch of the advanced Sylvac Hi_Cal XZ height gauge range. Benefiting from Sylvac's patented inductive measuring electronics, the new height gauges provide the user outstanding accuracy, excellent repeatability and ease of use. By the use of an imaginative dual probing arrangement, Hi_Cal XZ height gauges are able to perform very accurate, simultaneous measurement and display of both X and Y axis results. Available in two sizes, with maximum height measuring capacities of 135mm and 285mm, the innovative new Sylvac height gauges boast an independent X axis giving them the unique capability of measuring extremely large internal and external diameters.

  • The all new ShadoMASTER VI-3015H

    The ShadoMASTER is a horizontal Camera Based Video Inspection System that is particularly suited to shaft measurement. The cast iron stage has tooling slots aligned with the optical path to facilitate the mounting of work holding fixtures such as vee-blocks and centres.

  • VµMaster - 2D vision system with a massive difference

    Due to a newly patented scale system, the VuMaster does not have a conventional stage or encoders, just a floating measuring camera that is able to move anywhere in the measuring range.

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