• Special Bore Measurement - Gun Barrel Head
    Measurement of smooth bore and rifled bore gun barrels. Major and minor diameters measured deep in to bores.
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  • Time Surface Roughness Tester - W-3220 and W-3221
    The Surface Roughness Tester is designed for shop floor, industrial and inspection room applications, and offers a versatile solution for all your surface finish measurement requirements. Specific accessories such as a height support, V-grove support widen the standard field of application. Connectivity via RS232 and USB allow connection to PC or portable devices. Ideal for a wide range of industries including precision bearings, automotive and aerospace engineering, this product has the key attributes that are most important for quality control in today’s precision industries; • Advanced & wide parameter options to suit your application • V-shaped bottom, means the system can be used on flat or curved surfaces • Built to last, solid ABS housing • Large memory plus printer output
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  • Bowers Steel Rules & Tapes
    Graduated Steel Straight Edge Manufactured to DIN 866/1 the gauging surfaces have been precision ground. The clear and easy to read metric graduations start 5mm in from the ends.
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  • UNICAL 2 Universal Digital Caliper
    UNICAL 2 Universal Digital Caliper
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  • Thread Gauging
    XT Threads - The Best Way to Measure Internal Thread Diameters As the world’s leading bore gauge manufacturer, we offer a range of both standard and bespoke solutions for precision thread diameter measurement. Individual Thread Gauging Heads

    • M4 – M300 (metric)
    • No8 – 12” (imperial) • Metric, UN, Buttress, Acme, Trapezoidal, Ball screw and non-standard forms available
    • Left and right handed available
    • 2 Point or 3 Point available
    • Very rapid measurement of threads
    • Reduce machining time by giving the operator an actual measurement when forming the thread
    • Negates the need for many different hard gauges, incl. pre/post plate, pre/post H/T, different classes, etc. Therefore annual re-calibration costs reduced massively
    • Effective (Functional), Pitch & Major measurement
    • Calibrate from thread rings (Plain ring for Major Diameter)
    • Rings marked with actual PD

    Each of these application heads can be fitted directly to our Bluetooth XT range of internal micrometers in seconds for fast, efficient use with incredibly accurate results that can be digitally recorded.

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    Pneumatic Actuator for Automatic Measurement of Ballscrew Nuts Measurement of pitch diameter in ballscrew nuts on automatic machine. Match gauging of the ball circuit allows the optimum ball sizes to be selected for the required preload of the ballscrew bearing assembly. The Solution: The solution developed by Bowers' Specials Applications Team comprised an Actuating Unit and Ballscrew Head, fitted to customers' fully automatic machine. Actuating Unit: • Gauge body with constant measuring pressure and fast operation • Pneumatic cylinder (3 Bar pressure required) to actuate the unit • Supplied with Sylvac transducer probe and D302 multiplexer for output to PLC • Internal workings enclosed in protective cover • Mounting holes on rear of actuator body to allow fixing into customers assembly Ballscrew Head: • Precision 3 point measuring head with tungsten carbide ball contacts to locate in ball circuit and replicate final application using ball sizes matching the nominal ball size of the particular ballscrew assembly • Various heads available customised to suit BCD, ball size, lead and direction (RH/LH) Features: • Automatic or semi-automatic measurement of internal features • Can be used for threads, grooves, splines, etc Potential Industries: • Automotive - ballscrew manufacture/assembly • Aerospace • Machine Tools • Bearing Manufacture

    Threads Explained

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    Custom Thread Gauging If our generic thread anvil profile is not suitable for your application, please contact us with your requirements and our team will design a bespoke head, perfectly tailored to fit your specific application. Our custom application heads can be fitted directly onto our XT range of internal micrometers to create a flexible, modular measuring system.

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    Lead Times • THRH & THRR product codes lead times = 5-7 days subject to stock • Custom thread gauge lead-time = 2-4 weeks

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