Thread Gauging

Thread Gauging

XT Threads - The Best Way to Measure Internal Thread Diameters

• M4 – M300 (metric)​
• No8 – 12” (imperial)​
• Metric, UN, Buttress, Acme, Trapezoidal, Ball screw and non-standard forms available.​
• LH and RH​
• 2 Point or 3 Point available
• Very rapid measurement of threads
• Reduce machining time by giving the operator an actual measurement when forming the thread​
• Negates the need for many different hard gauges, incl. pre/post plate, pre/post H/T, different classes, etc. Therefore annual re-calibration costs reduced massively.​
• Effective (Functional), Pitch & Major measurement ​
• Calibrate from thread rings (Plain ring for Major Diameter)​
• Rings marked with actual PD​

Each of these application heads can be fitted directly to our Bluetooth XT range of internal micrometers in seconds for fast, efficient use with incredibly accurate results that can be digitally recorded.

Heads & Rings lead-time 5-7 days subject to stock​
Custom groove gauge (blind bore, extreme travel, etc.) lead-time 2-4 weeks

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SBM-Threads Special Bore Measurements Screw Threads POA