XT Spherical

XT Spherical

The Best Way to Measure Deep-Bore/spherical Diameters

• 2 point (ovality) available from 3mm, 3 point available from 6mm
• 6-300mm range, 300-500mm XT500 System
• Guide sleeves available, 2 point to maintain centralisation, 3 point to protect the head/bore
• Allows for misalignment in bore
• XT, Ultima
• Ease of use for operator
• Interchangeable with standard heads
• Blind Bore option available

Each of these application heads can be fitted directly to our XT range of internal micrometers in seconds for fast, efficient use with incredibly accurate results.

Basic Spherical gauge lead-time 1-2 weeks including extensions 2000mm max.


Deep Hole Pneumatic Bore Gauging

Operated by a pneumatic actuator powered by a 3 bar compressed air supply - either from a compressor or a workshop air-line. The measurement data is collected by a capacitive probe fitted just behind, and in constant contact with the measuring head. This direct contact ensures high-quality transducer-type accuracy, even at great depths. Measurements are taken by pressing a footswitch connected to the airline and the data is then passed automatically via cable back down the bore to the digital readout at the operator end.

• Measures diameters from 50-310mm, up to 15m deep
• Spherical, Tungsten Carbide anvils
• 2 point and 3 point heads available
• Accuracy +/-0.005mm (subject to bore condition)
• Quick set-up time
• Easy to use
• Not adversely effected by temperature fluctuation
• Robust design
• Various readouts available

SBM-Spherical-Radius Special Bore Measurement - Spherical Radius POA
SBM-Spherical-2P Special Bore Measurement - 2 Point Spherical POA
SBM-Spherical-3P Special Bore Measurement - 3 Point Spherical POA
SBM-Deep-Hole Special Bore Measurement - Deep Hole Pneumatic POA
SBM-Pneumatic-Actuator Pneumatic Actuator for Automatic Measurement of Ballscrew Nuts POA