Bore Gauging

Bowers’ XT3 digital internal micrometers offer an ergonomic design - including a larger and clearer LCD display - along with IP67 electronics protection, proximity output; allowing bi-directional communication giving greater flexibility for data acquisition and storage. The extended mechanical travel of the XT range means that special heads can also be manufactured to accommodate users most awkward measuring problems. If you need something bespoke, reach out to us at

If you prefer the analogue approach, then we offer the same size range in our XT Analogue format.

  • Digital Lever Bore Gauge - Sets
    The robust new Bowers XTL Lever range is perfect for vertical bore measurement, providing accurate and repeatable bore gauging under inspection department or shop-floor conditions. The XTL has a simple ergonomic action and can be fitted with a wide variety of analogue and digital indicators or even transducer probes. The range can be provided with IP65 rated digital indicators, rendering it resistant to coolant, water and airborne particles. A 'wireless' gauge module is also available, enabling cable free communication with remote data collectors, PCs etc. The cost-effective new XTL boasts hardwearing extended travel carbide measuring anvils and is able to measure diameters up to 100mm.
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