Air Electronic Column
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Air Electronic Column

For the more traditional methods of Air Gauging Bowers offers a variety of display options e.g. air/electronic, which is capable of measuring
functions including static and dynamic gauging, classification grading, probe mixing, ie (A+B) , (A-B).

• Metric/Imperial digital display
• 3 colour LED graphic display
• 1 air probe input
• Memory 16 programs (on board)
• External air balance screw
• Static or Dynamic mode (Max, Min, TIR)
• Tolerance and Approach limit settings
• Accuracy 0.5µm
• Resolution 0.001/0.0001µm
• RS-232 data output
• Voltage 230V, 50Hz


Code No. Description
55-2045-AEP Air Electronic Column
55-AECM Air Electronic Converter Module
55-FOOTSWITCH-AEP Footswitch for Data send