Long recognised as the world’s leading Bore Gauge manufacturer, Bowers continues to lead the field within the area of internal measurement. In response to customer demand and as a result of the company’s continued investment in cutting-edge technology, we now produce an increasingly comprehensive range of affordable, quality instruments intended for other applications, such as depth and external gauging. A past recipient of the coveted Queens Award for Export, we currently export 82% of our output.

  • Measurement of Dovetail Slots & Turbine Blade Grooves
    The Challenge: Bowers was approached by a well-known industrial turbine manufacturer to develop a method of measuring dovetail slot width and position in a circular component. The datum for the measurements was taken from the shoulder of the slot replicating the final ‘In Service’ blade datums. The Solution: Bowers' Special Applications Team developed a special 2 Point head solution based on the popular Bowers XT system. The system incorporates tungsten carbide ball contacts for high accuracy. The Bowers XT digital readout offers the capability to send data for SPC and part traceability. Advantages over Competitor Solutions: The Bowers dovetail variable gauge is able to output the actual size and position as opposed to competitors' attribute (Go / No Go) gauging. The gauge has a long working life and doesn’t wear like attribute gauging. Potential Industries: • Aerospace • Nuclear • Turbines • Power Generation To view a video of the Dovetail Gauge measuring a component click here.
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  • Internal Measurement of Surface/Subsea Valve Cavity-Seat Pockets
    The Challenge: Bowers was approached by a well-known solutions provider to the global oil & gas industry to develop a method of measuring the internal cavity in valve bodies. Features to measure include: • Internal diameters inside seat pocket • Internal spot face distance between flats • Internal spot face to diameter measurement The Solution: Bowers' Special Applications Team developed a solution utilising a one-piece right angle adapter to allow entry down a perpendicular bore. This allows measurement to take place at 90 degrees to entry of the bore. An optimised anvil form and guide pieces aid entry and position the measuring head correctly for higher accuracy measurements and ease of use for operator. Features: • Higher accuracy • Improved ease of use • Faster inspection Potential Industries: • Oil & Gas • Hydraulics • Industrial Pipework
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  • Internal Measurement of Soft Drink Can
    The Challenge: Bowers was approached by a soft drink can manufacturer to develop a method of measuring the internal diameter of the crimped base of a soft drink can. The Solution: Bowers' Special Applications Team developed: • 3 Point XT Anvil head based on 35-50mm body size, used with XT Holematic Xtreme pistol grip. High accuracy measurement of groove that’s inaccessible to a typical caliper • 3 Point XT Anvil head used with XT Holematic Xtreme pistol grip. Measurement of internal diameter with 360 degree wrap-around anvils prevents/limits distortion of the thin walled can Features: • Higher accuracy • Improved ease of use • Faster inspection Potential Industries: • Food & Drink • Aerosols • Sheet Metal • Food Processing • Packaging
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  • Intex Beam Gauge
    Developed to measure both internal and external diameters and lengths, the Intex gauge's aluminium extrusion beam gives it a rigid yet lightweight quality, making it ideal for shop-floor environments. The simple release of a locking thumbscrew enables the gauge's measuring direction to be changed quickly and easily.
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  • Pneumatic Actuator for Automatic Measurement of Ballscrew Nuts
    The Challenge: Pitch diameter measurement in ballscrew nuts on automatic machine. Match gauging of the ball circuit allows the optimum ball sizes to be selected for the required preload of the ballscrew bearing assembly. The Solution: The solution developed by Bowers' Specials Applications Team comprised an Actuating Unit and Ballscrew Head, fitted to customers' fully automatic machine. Actuating Unit: • Gauge body with constant measuring pressure and fast operation • Pneumatic cylinder (3 Bar pressure required) to actuate the unit • Supplied with Sylvac transducer probe and D302 multiplexer for output to PLC • Internal workings enclosed in protective cover • Mounting holes on rear of actuator body to allow fixing into customers assembly Ballscrew Head: • Precision 3 point measuring head with tungsten carbide ball contacts to locate in ball circuit and replicate final application using ball sizes matching the nominal ball size of the particular ballscrew assembly • Various heads available customised to suit BCD, ball size, lead and direction (RH/LH) Features: • Automatic or semi-automatic measurement of internal features • Can be used for threads, grooves, splines, etc Potential Industries: • Automotive - ballscrew manufacture/assembly • Aerospace • Machine Tools • Bearing Manufacture
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  • XTHSY Pistol Grip Bore Gauge with Indicator
    The XTHSY Pistol Grip bore gauge is a useful option for those requiring pistol ergonomics with a large digital indicator. The LCD digital indicator fits into a standard 8mm clamping shaft at the rear of the pistol-grip. Pistols of this type are available for all measuring heads in the XT range.
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  • Digital Lever Bore Gauge - Sets
    The robust new Bowers XTL Lever range is perfect for vertical bore measurement, providing accurate and repeatable bore gauging under inspection department or shop-floor conditions. The XTL has a simple ergonomic action and can be fitted with a wide variety of analogue and digital indicators or even transducer probes. The range can be provided with IP65 rated digital indicators, rendering it resistant to coolant, water and airborne particles. A 'wireless' gauge module is also available, enabling cable free communication with remote data collectors, PCs etc. The cost-effective new XTL boasts hardwearing extended travel carbide measuring anvils and is able to measure diameters up to 100mm.
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