Checkmaster Comparator- Tooling Set

Checkmaster Comparator- Tooling Set

Need SPC, printed reports data storage?
Replacing the conventional indicator with a transducer linked to our Sylvac D300S digital readout will allow you to setup and store multiple parts each with pre-toleranced dimensions. Just setup the correct tooling situation, select the part / job number required from the D300S memory and you are ready to go.

SPC Data from previous measurements of the same part type can be viewed on the large colour screen and even printed direct from the D300S or transferred to a PC.

Full maths functionality included: take dynamic measurements such as roundness / concentricity or solve more complex applications by using multiple transducers.

• Diameters, internal and external
• Undercuts, 0 ring grooves, ball tracks internal and external
• Gear and spline pitch diameter internal and external
• Rolling gear test, gear to gear or gear to master
• Gear pitch diameter to shaft bore run out
• Holes centre to centre
• Concentricity bore to O.D.
• Step height, lengths, depths

Code No. Description
1060-UTS Universal Tooling Set for 1060 Checkmaster