Hand Tools

Moore & Wright have been producing high quality, affordable hand tools for over 100 years to suit many workshop needs from 0-25mm analogue external micrometers to larger, digital versions with USB output.

We have also welcomed the brand new Bowers DigiMic into the range, a powerful and efficient Bluetooth external micrometer that is designed to make measurement taking quick and easy, even in the harshest environments.

  • TGM Major Calipers Analogue
    The major versions of Bowers TGM calipers include hard wearing carbide contact points as standard. As with other Bowers TGM products, non-standard applications can be quoted against a component drawing.
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  • Pocket & Lifting Thickness Gauge 455 Series
    Pocket & Lifting Thickness Gauge 455 Series
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  • Baty Major Calipers - External
    An extensive range of dial caliper gauges for measuring external dimensions. These instruments can be used as direct reading instruments for quick checking of components such as castings prior to machining or for the checking of wall thickness in difficult to measure components such as valve or pump bodies. Alternatively they can be used as a comparative gauge when set to a measuring standard and the indicator zeroed. When used as a comparative gauge it is generally recognised that a higher standard of accuracy is achieved. Every major caliper comes fitted with an indicator. These indicators are specially adapted for use on major calipers and are calibrated along with the instrument. Under no circumstances should indicators be interchanged between instruments. For finer reading options, please contact our sales team.
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