Portable Hardness Tester - TH-170 Series

Portable Hardness Tester - TH-170 Series

Handheld dynamic metal hardness tester with integrated Impact device D.

• Impact device D integrated: no cables! (TH-170)
• Integrated impact device C featuring low impact energy for surface hardened components and thin walled components (TH-172)
• Integrated impact device DL featuring testing in confined spaces (TH-174)
• Wide measuring range
• Direct display of hardness scales Rockwell HRB, HRC, Vickers HV, Brinell HB, Shore HS, Leebs HLD (TH-170)/Leebs HLC (TH-172)/Leebs HLDL
• For all metallic materials (TH-170),for steel and cast steel (TH-172/174), and cold work tool steel (TH-172)
• Provides testing at any angle
• Simple handling and low test expenditure
• High accuracy ±0.5%
• Clear LCD display showing all functions and parameters
• Conforms to ASTM A 956 and DIN 50156
• USB output to PC only

Hardness parameter HRC - HRB - HRA - HV - HB - HS - HLD or HLC or HLDL
Accuracy Within ±6HLD (TH-170) - Within ±12 HLC (TH-172) - Within ±12HLDL (TH-174)
Data memory 270 average data in 9 files
Output RS-232
Min. Surface Roughness of Workpiece 1.6µm (Ra) (TH-170/174) - 0.4µm (Ra) (TH-172)
Impact device D (standard) integrated (TH-170) - C integrated (TH-172) or DL integrated (TH-174)
Needle front section of DL-device (TH-174) Diameter = 4.2mm - Length = 50mm
Workplace max. hardness value 900HLD (TH-170) 960HLC (TH-172) - 950HLDL (TH-174)
Workplace radius (convex/concave) Rmin = 50mm (with support ring Rmin = 10mm)
Workplace minimum weight 2kg-5kg on solid support (TH-170/174) - 0.5kg-1.5kg on solid support (TH-172) - (0.05kg-2kg with couplant paste) (TH-170/174) - (0.02kg-0.5kg with couplant paste) (TH-172)
Workplace min thickness coupled 5mm (TH-170/134) - 1mm (TH-172)
Workplace min. case hardened depth 0.8mm (TH-170/134) - 0.2mm (TH-172)
Power AAA Batteries (x2)
Charger 9V - 200mA (1.8VA)
Operating temperature 0ºC to 40ºC
Overall dimensions 155mm x 24mm x 55mm (TH-170/172) 210mm x 24mm x 55mm (TH-174)
Dimensions DL impact device (TH-174) LxD 50mm x 4mm diameter
Weight 180g (TH-170/172) or 200g (TH-174)


Code No. Description
W-TH170 Universal type
W-TH172 Low impact force (for low weight parts)
W-TH174 For narrow or confined spaces