Coating Thickness Gauge TT-270

Coating Thickness Gauge TT-270

The measuring methods of the TT-270 are magnetic induction (F) and eddy current (N). When a F series probe is connected, the unit measures non-magnetic coating on ferro substrates, when a N series probe is connected, the unit measures non-conductive coating on non-ferro substrates.

• Several types of probes are available for various applications: F400, F1, F1/90, F10, N1, CN02
• Measurement modes: continuous / single
• Automatic calculation: Mean values / Max. values / Min. values / No. of test, S.Dev.
• Memory for maximum 640 readings
• Working modes: direct mode (DIRECT) and Batch mode (APPL)
• With backlight display
• Integrated printer
• Battery low indication
• Switch off modes: manual and auto

Measuring range Refer to table below
Probes available F400 - F1 - F1/90 - F10 - N1 - CN02
Tolerance Refer to table below
Minimum resolution Refer to table below
Measuring conditions Refer to table below
Operation language English
Standards DIN - ISO - ASTM - BS
Min. measuring area Ø5mm (standard probe N1) - Ø7mm (standard probe F1)
Calibration Zero and foil calibration
Statistics Maximum and minimum - mean - standard deviation of 3000 readings - number of measurements
Data memory 640 readings
Limits Min-max with alarm
Interface RS-232
Operating temperature -5ºC-40ºC
Humidity 20%~90%
Power supply NiMH rechargeable batteries - 1.25V
Dimensions 230mm x 86mm x 47mm
Weight 530g


Code No. Description
W-TT270F Coating thickness gauge with integrated printer and F1 probe
W-TT270N Coating thickness gauge with integrated printer and N1 probe