Optical Measuring

Non-contact measuring solutions for process control and inspection

  • Quick Dispense Cartridge System Kits
    Reprorubber Quick Dispense Cartridge System Kits contain everything you need to easily create Highly Accurate, Zero Shrinkage replicas. Each kit includes: 1 each Repro-Mix II Reusable Dispensing Gun 6 each 50ml Pre-filled Reprorubber Disposable Cartridges 15 Disposable Mixing Nozzles 2 Micro Injector Snap-On Nozzles Deluxe Fitted Carrying Case.

    Picture: Kit No. 16305 Reprorubber Orange

    Also available: Thin Pour (green) and Combo Kits.

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  • Digital Readouts
    FT2-E: Complete TOUCH SCREEN DRO with 2D Fusion touch sw. Full geometric functionality. Built in optical edge detection allows data points to be taken ‘on the fly’ as the projected image is passed under the screen mounted fibre optic sensor. View of measured part can be printed as a fully dimensioned drawing. Full reporting capability includes, SPC, tabulated details with pass / fail analysis, auto link to Excel and auto sequence programming feature. Windows O/S and built in 19" portrait touch screen monitor in a rugged all steel housing. XLS: A simple two axis digital readout featuring a colour LCD display, Absolute / Incremental modes, Zero reset, MM/Inch & Radius / Diameter conversion. GXL: As XLS with geometric functions for skew alignment, angle, radius, point, line, circle. Automatic feature list and graphical view. Macro programming facility guides the operator through the measurement process. Feature tolerancing and standard report printout. Footswitch compatible. GXL-E (pictured): As GXL with profile edge sensor to take data points automatically. Eliminates operator error and speeds up inspection times.
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