Reprorubber - System Refills
  • Reprorubber - System Refills
  • Reprorubber - System Refills

Reprorubber - System Refills

Reprorubber Cartridges

Applications - You can take impressions of:
  • All metals
  • Non metals
  • Paper or cardboard items
  • Wood, marble etc
  • All plastics
  • Non metals
  • Rubber
  • Ceramic and glass items

  • Other Uses Include:

  • Prototypes of rubber type components such as gaskets, washers, etc
  • Making joints where flexibility is required
  • As a mask for high temperature plasma spray of metallic coatings
  • Fixturing where semi-rigid structure is desired

  • Physical advantages over the hard-copy replicas

  • Replica is easy to remove – even if they are under cuts or grooves
  • Cross-sectioning of replica is easily accomplished with a knife or razor
  • It can then be checked on an optical comparator or microscope
  • Surface finish replication is exact with excellent optical properties
  • Reprorubber copies can be re-copied (copy from a ‘female mould’ yields a male-shaped replica)
  • Replicas are permanent – will not leach or ooze out nor outgas
  • No more 16 hour cure time as with RTV silicones
  • More accurate than all other RTV compounds
  • Reprorubber putty will withstand up to 600oF (or more)

  • Code No. Description
    16313 Repro-Mix II Helix Mixing Nozzles, 15 Pack
    16307 Reprorubber Orange (Medium Body) 50ml Cartridges, 6 pack
    16306 Reprorubber Orange (Medium Body) 50ml Cartridge, 1 each
    16301 Reprorubber Thin Pour (Green) 50ml Cartridge, 1 each
    16311 Repro-Mix II Dispensing Gun (reusable)
    16302 Reprorubber Thin Pour (Green) 50ml Cartridges, 6 pack