Baty Vision Systems - VuMaster

Baty Vision Systems - VuMaster

The BATY VuMaster is a 2D vision system with a massive difference.

Due to its innovative absolute 2D scale system, the VuMaster does not have a conventional moving stage or encoders - just a floating measuring camera that moves anywhere in the measuring range. The result is fast, accurate, ‘non contact’ measurement over a much larger measuring range - 400mm x 300mm.

Because the camera moves and the part stays still, there is often no need for expensive and time consuming work holding devices.

VuMaster allows inspection routines to be recorded and stored. When played back, these ‘programs’ run automatically using under CNC control using ‘Video Edge Detection’ to automatically ’capture’ measurment data from each of the features to be measured.

Finally, a range of dimensional, multiple component and SPC reports can be generated including a fully dimensioned drawing of the measured part.

• Large 400mm x 300mm X-Y measuring range
• Sturdy construction with a granite base
• Supplied with the latest Mark 4 Fusion software
• Colourmap measuring technology
• Programmable collimated profile lighting
• Teach and repeat part programming
• Advanced video edge detection
• Digital zoom
• Supplied with stand, rack mount PC and 22" monitor
• Programmable segmented LED surface ring light
• Auto inspection CNC playback

Fusion Software
Baty’s PC based Fusion Touch software is powerful and easy to use. The touch screen user interface minimises keyboard use and the need for multiple toolbars. The result is an intuitive touch screen software package that enables the user to produce a fully dimensioned drawing of the measured part in minutes!

Other standard reports include tabulated results and multiple part reports all of which can be exported to Excel®.

Video Edge Detection
Video edge detection (VED) ensures a repeatable result without relying on the skill of the operator. Hundreds of data points can be taken in an instant to calculate standard geometric features. Standard VED tools include arc, circle, line, point, focus and curve.

Profile Scanning
The curve tool automatically traces the profile of an undefined part. The resulting data-point cloud can then be compared to a pre-toleranced DXF master for best fit analysis. Once ‘fitted’ the data points appear red or green to indicate whether in tolerance. In addition to best fit, conventional dimensions can also be applied to the scan.

SPC Included
Baty Fusion software will also display SPC batch information for multiple components. Information given includes maximum value in batch, minimum value, user definable sigma value, CP and CPK value, mean shift and also plots two different charts of the batch data. SPC data can also be exported to Excel™ for further analysis.

Dimensioned Part View
Measured results are displayed in the form of a fully dimensioned drawing. Dimensions within the specified tolerance are shown in green whilst dimensions out of tolerance are shown in red for immediate visual status of the measured part.

VM-4030 VuMaster
X Y Z measuring range (mm) 400 x 300
Workstage area (mm) 420mm x 320mm
Max workpiece load (kg) 25
Drive type CNC / handwheel
Bearings Air bearings
Max drive speed 100mm / sec
Camera type 2048 x 1590 pixel colour USB2 camera with 8 x 9mm chip and dynamic latch
Optics / lighting Fixed objective telecentric lens with programmable LED lighting
Optional 12.1 CNC zoom lens option for increased FOV
Resolution 0.001mm
Accuracy 7.5µm
Max field of view (FOV) 12mm
Magnification 20x 350x
Touch probe option available No
Probe type N/A
Optional N/A
Change rack compatible? N/A
*using optional 0.5x adapter lens

Code No. Description
VM-4030-CNC CNC VuMaster including 22" LCD monitor