Special Applications

Bespoke solutions for measuring non-standard applications

  • Bowers Carbon Fibre Comparator Beam Gauge
    Designed to measure both internal and external diameters and lengths, the high modulus carbon fibre beam is stiff, lightweight and has an extremely low co-efficient of thermal expansion (CTE). Suitable for measuring high accuracy diameters and lengths up to 4000mm+.
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  • Intex Beam Gauge
    Developed to measure both internal and external diameters and lengths, the Intex gauge's aluminium extrusion beam gives it a rigid yet lightweight quality, making it ideal for shop-floor environments. The simple release of a locking thumbscrew enables the gauge's measuring direction to be changed quickly and easily.
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  • Universal Gauge Full Set
    The Bowers Universal Gauge's ingenious modular format enables it to be quickly configured to suit almost any measuring challenge. Whether measuring internally or externally, the Universal's clever constant pressure device ensures accuracy and consistency of reading. The gauge's findings are displayed on its built in clear digital readout. The unique modular construction of the Bowers Universal Gauge facilitates the fitting of a large variety of measuring contacts and adaptors, enabling countless measuring tasks to be completed with ease. Accessories for the measurement of threads, grooves, splines, gears, hole centres, and many others are available as standard, whilst special adaptations for more unusual applications can be quoted on request..
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  • Checkmaster Comparator
    Checkmaster is the flexible gauging solution for short production runs. Simply setup your Universal Tooling set to suit your application (see opposite), fit your preferred indicator and zero against a master for fast accurate and incredibly repeatable results. Gauging force can be adjusted for softer materials and biased for either internal or external dimensions by a simple lever selection. This enables multi-dimension setups to be easily catered for. Need absolute results? Using Bowers' standard digital indicator, the master size can be pre-set. Now the results are displayed as Absolute dimensions. Tolerances can be entered and an out of tolerance symbol will flash for even quicker reference. Tooling: The Universal Tooling Set includes 2 x universal tooling blocks, combination blade / radius anvil, Mushroom anvils and mounting bars to allow a variety of internal and external features to be measured. Checkmasters can be supplied with or without indicators. If ordered 'Less Indicator' the Checkmaster will be supplied with a set of split bushes to suit any 8mm or 3⁄8" stem mount gauge with a suitable reach.
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  • Checkmaster Comparator- Tooling Set
    Need SPC, printed reports data storage? Replacing the conventional indicator with a transducer linked to our Sylvac D300S digital readout will allow you to setup and store multiple parts each with pre-toleranced dimensions. Just setup the correct tooling situation, select the part / job number required from the D300S memory and you are ready to go. SPC Data from previous measurements of the same part type can be viewed on the large colour screen and even printed direct from the D300S or transferred to a PC. Full maths functionality included: take dynamic measurements such as roundness / concentricity or solve more complex applications by using multiple transducers.
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