Special Applications

Bespoke solutions for measuring non-standard applications

  • Bench Mounted Gauging System
    The Challenge: The challenge was to design a high-accuracy gauging system for 24/7 operation with zero drift, allowing extended periods between recalibration and removing all operator influence. The Solution: The solution developed by Bowers' Specials Applications Team comprised a bench mounted Superbore system with high accuracy measurement probe, speed controlled pneumatic actuator and all steel gauge body construction for temperature stability. Interchangeable measuring heads with high accuracy squaring collars and ceramic measuring anvils. Super hard and low friction coatings utilised on internal workings for high volume 24/7 capability. Features: • Automatic or semi-automatic measurement of internal features • Can be used for plain bores, threads, grooves, splines, etc. Potential Industries: • General • Automated • High volume
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